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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
37 University of California Davis F graph WL, Accepted W $20,000 02/15/18 02/20/18 02/28/18 04/26/18 3 months
5 Columbia University F graph Waitlisted W 02/01/18 02/16/18 03/28/18 04/25/18 8 months
32 University of Washington graph Waitlisted W 03/03/18 03/05/18 03/05/18 04/02/18 8 months
37 Fordham University graph Waitlisted W 02/19/18 02/20/18 03/01/18 04/16/18 8 months
21 University of California Irvine F graph Waitlisted W 02/26/18 03/02/18 03/02/18 05/04/18 8 months
58 University of California Hastings F graph Accepted W $1 02/19/18 02/20/18 02/26/18 03/07/18 8 months
32 Indiana University Bloomington F graph Waitlisted W 03/15/18 03/20/18 03/27/18 05/04/18 9 months
6 New York University graph Waitlisted 02/01/18 02/02/18 02/20/18 04/25/18 9 months
24 George Washington University F graph Rejected 03/01/18 03/02/18 03/28/18 04/19/18 9 months
2 Stanford University graph Rejected 02/01/18 02/02/18 02/20/18 04/18/18 9 months
65 Loyola Law School F graph Accepted W $135,000 02/01/18 02/02/18 02/15/18 03/08/18 9 months
113 Santa Clara University F graph Accepted W $35,000 02/15/18 02/16/18 02/21/18 03/15/18 9 months
16 University of California Los Angeles F graph Rejected 02/01/18 02/02/18 02/06/18 04/11/18 10 months
133 Vermont Law School F graph Accepted W $145,000 02/19/18 02/20/18 02/20/18 03/02/18 10 months
74 Northeastern University F graph Accepted W $120,000 02/28/18 03/01/18 03/01/18 03/02/18 10 months
9 University of Virginia F graph Rejected 03/10/18 03/11/18 03/20/18 04/03/18 10 months
9 University of California Berkeley graph Rejected 02/01/18 02/01/18 02/12/18 03/29/18 10 months

Applicant Information

N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

- solid softs, at least 1 unique LOR
- Diversity statements sent to all schools minus NYU
- Why X's included for all schools

- submitted 1st deposit to UCH!!

- after heavy contemplation, advice given, and a look at my bank account I have withdrawn from the class of 2021. I am severely depressed, but as a low income student I do not have the means to attend at this time with the current scholarships I received. I intend to apply again next year after I retake my LSAT. Godspeed to everyone in the Class of 2021, I hope my spots go to good folks on the waitlists <3
(I can answer PMs between my constant cry sessions)


3/2/18 Accepted via email with scholarship information linked.
4/9/18 Withdrew admission via email

3/2/18 Accepted via email, waiting for scholarship info via snail mail
3/7/18 Scholarship via USPS Priority mail
4/10/18 Withdrew via school provided form

UC Hastings:
3/7/18 Decision Rendered via status portal, Accepted via email 3 hours later with confidential scholarship.
4/7/18 Attended the ASD and I'm even more uncertain now about where I want to go.
4/27/18 Extension Deadline due to no FinAid info

3/7/18:Decision rendered via status portal, "Your official decision has been mailed to you."
3/9/18 Acceptance email at 1AM
3/10/18 Official acceptance in the mail, but no $$$.
3/23/18 Unsolicited scholarship info via email :)
4/16/18 Denied a deadline extension via email :(
4/17/18 I really wanted to keep my spot at Loyola, but I don't have enough money for dual deposits and I know that Loyola places better in SoCal. Letting this one go really breaks my heart, I really wish I could afford a dual deposit..

3/10/18 Received fee waiver and submitted because why not
3/20/18: Update on status checker, "Application under review"
4/3/18: Rejected va email, no interview request

3/15/18 Accepted via email
3/19/18 Received acceptance via mail + scholarship info
4/15/18 Not submitting a deposit here, the scholarship retention is sketchy

UC Davis:
3/17/18 Status checker updated to "Evaluation in Progress"
4/26/18 via email. Wow Im so sad about this one, I think Im just going to cry :/
5/24/18 GOT OFF THE WL AHHHHHH (via email, I can't stop screaming!)
5/25/18 No merit scholarship for Davis... such a tough decision
5/30/18 Money added is all need-based 3yr total

2/1/18 Sent in a last minute app due to fee waiver
3/26/18 My application is still "completion pending"
3/28/18 Complete
4/25/18 Received Reserve notification via email today!! Didnt notice because it was in my spam folder!!

3/28/18 Complete (longest 2 weeks of my life..)
4/3/18 Status checker update to "In Review"
4/19/18 Just checked the status checker and it says decision made
4/19/18 Got a rejection email shortly after

3/29/18 Denied via email. Rejection hurts, but it's anticipated

4/2/18 WL'd via email which specifically states they do not want any more documents (such as a LOCI)
4/16/18 Received email stating that WL'd folks won't hear back until after 5/1/18 and included a survey to confirm intent to stay on the WL. I intend to stay on the WL as this is one of my top choices.

4/10/18 Application Complete date change from 3/1 to 4/10
4/16/18 Priority WL, gonna ride this one out

4/11/18 UR2 via status checker, waiting for my denial
4/25/18 DLS via status checker, 15 minutes later I get a WL email!!!!

4/11/18 Decision via email

- still pending, my fat fingers clicked on this entry instead of UCLA. No decision has been made yet.
5/11/18 Received WL letter via snail mail dated on 5/4/18.

4/18/18 Decision letter sent today via status checker, has to be a denial
4/21/18 Received rejection letter in the mail

5/4/18 Waitlisted via email, withdrawn

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