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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Mississippi College F graph Accepted D $15,000 03/29/18 -- 04/09/18 04/13/18 2 years
Appalachian School of Law graph Accepted D $12,000 -- 03/12/18 04/09/18 05/01/18 2 years
Liberty University F graph Accepted D $13,425 04/05/18 -- 04/09/18 04/16/18 2 years
Roger Williams University F graph Accepted D $21,441 03/29/18 -- 04/09/18 04/23/18 3 years
Widener University F graph Accepted D $15,000 03/13/18 -- -- 04/02/18 3 years
West Virginia University graph Rejected -- 03/13/18 04/11/18 05/02/18 3 years
Elon Law School F graph Pending 03/29/18 -- 04/09/18 -- 3 years
Suffolk University F graph Rejected 03/29/18 -- 04/09/18 04/12/18 3 years

Applicant Information

Small Private school
Criminal Justice
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Very Politically active
Past local party chair (the youngest in my state)
Managed local political campaign
past SGA President
helped to found a servant leadership club in undergrad
interning at local law firm
Recommendation letters from the head of the prelaw department who is a lawyer, the director of the academic sucess deparemt and the local sheriff.
Great addenda for low GPA and personal statement.


GPA is really bad due to poor performance in Community College before I transferred.

Took care of my elderly grandparents throughout college (one with Alzheimer's and alcoholism)

Update 3-15-18: Lincoln Memorial University offered admission with $25,200 per year scholarship 70% of tuition.

Update 3-20-18: Got a call from WVU that there was an error on my transcripts, the administration at my current school sent my transcripts before my fall grades were in so my application is being held until my updated transcripts are received by the LSAC. Told Appalchian and Widener deans Appalachian is also holding my application till update from LSAC, have not yet got a response from Widener but I am assuming they are doing the same. Very discouraging since this was not my fault and nothing i can do. Spoke with LMU, they said they will review my application again after my final transcripts are in and could up my scholarship offer.

Update 4-2-18: Phone call from Widener Commonwealth, $15000 per year scholarship.

Update 4-6-18: Transcripts are finally processed!

update 4-16-18: Toured Liberty on Friday, not sure our values match up. Just now found out via online status checker that I was denied admission to Suffolk but accepted to Mississippi College and Liberty but have gotten no emails or mail from them.

Update 4-20-18: Got my packet from Mississippi College in the mail and Liberty's packet via email. Offer from Liberty is what I expected but offer from Mississippi College is less than I was hoping for. Suppose to hear back from WVU and Appalachian in the coming week so really hopeful.

Update 4-23-18: Accepted to Roger Williams via status checker. scholarship is renewable as long as I remain in top 65%! Very excited about this one!

Update: 5-1-18: got my decision from Appalachian in the mail today. Really surprised how small the offer is. I live pretty close to the school, have been there serval times on visits, won a $5,000 scholarship in a moot court competition there for the first semester, have strong family ties to the town and the school and was only offer $12,000 a year. Going to call them tomorrow and try to see if they can give me a better offer but not looking good.

update: 5-2-18: Denied to WVU via status checker... really heart broken

Update 5-29-18: Decided I will be attending Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law in Knoxville Tennessee! Still have heard nothing back from Elon.

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