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CaptainF (GPA - 2.75 / LSAT - 160)
Accepted at University of Kansas Law School1 day ago
jcg777 (GPA - 3.82 / LSAT - 161)
Rejected at Wake Forest Law School1 day ago
Rejected at CUNY Law School1 day ago
sk8masta (GPA - 3.1 / LSAT - 155)
Rejected at Northeastern Law School1 day ago
paralegaltolawyer (GPA - 3.85 / LSAT - 159)
Pending at St. Mary's Law School2 days ago
paralegaltolawyer (GPA - 3.85 / LSAT - 159)
Pending at Texas A&M2 days ago
paralegaltolawyer (GPA - 3.85 / LSAT - 159)
Pending at University of Houston Law School2 days ago
paralegaltolawyer (GPA - 3.85 / LSAT - 159)
Accepted at South Texas Law School2 days ago
NYCflaneur (GPA - 2.92 / LSAT - 163)
Rejected at OSU Law School2 days ago
PatentlyHappy (GPA - 3.31 / LSAT - 163)
Accepted at Arizona Law School2 days ago
sk8masta (GPA - 3.1 / LSAT - 155)
Accepted at Quinnipiac Law School4 days ago
needespresso (GPA - 3.7 / LSAT - 155)
Accepted at Syracuse Law School5 days ago
needespresso (GPA - 3.7 / LSAT - 155)
Accepted at USF Law School5 days ago
needespresso (GPA - 3.7 / LSAT - 155)
Accepted at Santa Clara Law School5 days ago
MadHatter42 (GPA - 2.9 / LSAT - 154)
Rejected at William and Mary Law School6 days ago
fatcatdad (GPA - 3.7 / LSAT - 160)
Accepted at NESL7 days ago
MrKayy (GPA - 3.62 / LSAT - 154)
Accepted at Gonzaga Law School7 days ago
zansy (GPA - 3.297 / LSAT - 163)
Rejected at GW Law School8 days ago
Accepted at Widener Law School8 days ago
lawscoob (GPA - 3.6 / LSAT - 157)
Accepted at Loyola Chicago Law School8 days ago

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After taking the LSAT, the Law School Admissions Council sends you a report that includes your LSAT scaled score that ranges from 120 to 180, as well as your LSAT percentile. Unlike the LSAT scaled score, the LSAT percentile does not measure the number of ...

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