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2 South Texas College of Law F graph Pending 02/08/21 02/08/21 -- -- 18 days
1 Texas Southern University graph Pending 02/08/21 -- -- -- 18 days
3 John Marshall Law School - Atlanta graph Pending 02/08/21 -- -- -- 18 days
4 Jones School of Law graph Pending 02/08/21 -- -- -- 18 days
5 Howard University graph Pending 02/08/21 -- 02/08/21 -- 18 days

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Began preparing for Feb 21 LSAT exam

My first attempt at law school was in 2013. I was two years out of undergrad and I was ready to take on my dream. So, I began preparing for the Feb 2014 exam. Well took the exam and bomb it. 133!!! So I thought that was God's way of saying this ain't it. Lets try another career move. I let the fear and intimidation from the exam and my own insecurities stop me from trying again. And honestly back then I did not understand the exam as I do now. So after years of running from my dream, I'm going for it again!! This time I'm not letting anything hold me back, not even myself.

I was originally scheduled for the Feb 2021 exam but I did not feel like I was fully prepared so I changed the exam date to the April exam. So this is it!! Lets get this score!! Lets get into law school!

I finally got all my LOR back! When you are on other people's time it can be extremely frustrating. I'm currently making corrections to my addendum and personal statement. I was hoping to have everything in by February 11th but doesn't look that way. But that's okay, luckily I saved up for app and report fees. I rather have it perfect than submit something rushed.

The 160 you see on my profile is not my current score. It is the score I am aiming for. I plan to take the April LSAT. I will update the score once my scores are in.

LOOK AT GOD!! I got my documents back in time for submission. I paid for a Law School help service. Well worth the money!

Submitted all 5 applications!!!
South Texas College of Law was the first school to respond via email saying they are reviewing my application and will email me back regarding needed documents.

I really love this school so I'm praying I get in!!

I'm missing my LSAT scores and writing so my application will stay pending until all documents are received.

Also, I hired a private tutor to help me with the LSAT exam.

I will be back in April for an LSAT UPDATE.

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  • Friday, December 06 2013 at 04:51 PM

I downloaded the LSAT bibles on my kindle and did ten practice exams to prep, good luck!

- Lea22

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