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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Boston College graph Waitlisted W 12/15/19 12/16/19 12/21/19 02/13/20 5 months
New England School of Law graph Accepted W 10/27/19 10/27/19 11/01/19 12/04/19 5 months
Rutgers Law School graph Accepted W 10/17/19 10/18/19 10/28/19 11/26/19 5 months
Northeastern University graph Pending W 12/14/19 12/15/19 12/19/19 -- 5 months
New York Law School graph Accepted W 10/16/19 10/17/19 10/21/19 12/20/19 5 months
Case Western Reserve University F graph Pending W 12/17/19 12/18/19 12/19/19 -- 5 months
Seton Hall University graph Accepted A 12/14/19 12/16/19 12/19/19 01/10/20 5 months
American University graph Accepted W 10/17/19 10/18/19 11/07/19 01/03/20 5 months
Boston University graph Rejected 12/15/19 12/16/19 12/17/19 02/25/20 6 months
Fordham University graph Rejected 12/14/19 12/15/19 12/20/19 01/31/20 6 months

Applicant Information

Liberal Arts
Biology and Psychology
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

3-4 Years

Extra Curricular Information

-Inaugural Member of a National Board for a Prominent Civil Rights Organization

-Certified Emergency Medical Technician with Full-Time Work and Volunteer Experience

-Disaster Relief Advocate (inquire within)

-Full Time Work with Intellectual Property, Tax, and Import/Export Law Use

-Data Analytics Experience via Work

-Published Author in Research


10/13/19 - My current plan is to matriculate to a law school in the Northeast as that is where I am originally from. I'm focused on schools that have programs in health, intellectual property, and/or civil rights. Current LSAT score 159

11/26/2019 - Accepted to Rutgers University Law with a seat at the Newark Campus. Visited the campus and they stated scholarship information will be released in the next few weeks.

12/04/2019 - Accepted to New England Law with a XXX scholarship. They sent an email early on in the process stating this would happen if I were admitted, so look out for that if you have similar credentials.

12/14/2019 - Rutgers Law offered XXX per year.

12/19/2019 - Received new LSAT score of 163.

12/20/2019 - Acceptance to New York Law with a XXX scholarship that I didn't expect!

01/03/2020 - Accepted to Washington College of Law at American University. It took a long time to hear back because I had some difficulty finishing their School of Public Affairs Application as I applied for their JD/MPP program.

01/10/2020 - Accepted to Seton Hall. Found out via status checker - notification is by snail mail otherwise.

01/31/2020 - Rejected from Fordham.

03/05/2020 - Accepted the offer to Seton Hall, end of cycle!

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