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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Boston University F graph Waitlisted W 01/06/20 01/07/20 01/08/20 05/15/20 4 months
University of Notre Dame F graph Waitlisted W 12/26/19 12/28/19 01/06/20 02/11/20 4 months
University of Michigan Ann Arbor graph Rejected 12/21/19 12/23/19 01/04/20 02/10/20 4 months
Georgetown University graph Rejected 12/21/19 12/22/19 -- 02/28/20 4 months
Vanderbilt University F graph Waitlisted 12/21/19 12/24/19 01/02/20 03/23/20 4 months
Duke University graph Rejected 12/22/19 12/23/19 01/06/20 04/17/20 4 months
New York University graph Waitlisted 12/22/19 12/23/19 -- -- 4 months
Emory University F graph Accepted W $117,000 12/22/19 12/23/19 12/23/19 01/23/20 5 months
Washington and Lee University graph Accepted W $105,000 12/22/19 12/22/19 01/02/20 02/07/20 6 months
George Washington University graph Accepted W $66,000 12/29/19 01/02/20 -- 02/11/20 6 months
College of William and Mary graph Accepted W $95,172 12/25/19 12/26/19 01/03/20 03/06/20 6 months
University of Georgia F graph Accepted W $48,758 12/23/19 12/24/19 -- 01/03/20 6 months
University of Texas Austin F graph Waitlisted 12/25/19 12/26/19 01/13/20 03/24/20 6 months
Washington University in St Louis graph Waitlisted 12/22/19 12/23/19 -- 03/12/20 7 months
Florida State University F graph Accepted W $46,446 12/22/19 01/02/20 -- 01/16/20 8 months
University of Florida F graph Accepted $65,412 12/21/19 12/22/19 -- 01/22/20 8 months

Applicant Information

Top Public
Political Science
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

White/Other Latino
In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Not much, some part-time employment.


GPA addendum w/ strong upward trend, 1 strong LOR, 2 standard LORs, no other optional essays. 168 on Nov '19 LSAT, 3.22 GPA at time of application.

1/3 - In at UGA! Contacted by email, $10k/year with in-state equalization.
1/5 - Received BU viewbook and waiver in mail, submitted app next day.
1/8 - Requested application hold at Duke
1/16 - In at FSU! Contacted by phone.
1/22 - In at UF! Contacted by phone, governor's scholarship (100% tuition).
1/24 - Received FSU admissions packet (dated 1/17). Garnet & Gold Scholarship offer (75%).
1/25 - In at Emory! Received packet w/ scholarship offer (dated 1/23)

1/27 - LSAC fixed GPA error from fall '19 transcript, GPA increases from 3.22 to 3.26.

2/7 - In at W&L by email!
2/10 - Michigan rejection by status checker. Pretty bummed, UM was definitely one of my top choices, but I knew it was a long shot.
2/11 - Status checkers on NDLS and GWU change to decision made. Registered for March '20 LSAT.
2/12 - Decision emails arrive from GWU and NDLS. In at GWU w/ $66k, WL at NDLS.
2/26 - Texas Kira interview invite
2/27 - Duke Law school visit
2/28 - Vandy Law school visit. Gtown rejection email also arrives. Not gonna lie, I'm a little surprised by this and pretty disappointed. They have so many waitlists, I thought I'd at least make it on to one.
3/4 - Texas Kira interview complete
3/6 - W&M acceptance email
3/12 - WashU WL email

3/16 - March 2020 LSAT cancelled because of the incipient apocalypse. We've all been rescheduled for April, but I'm not sure how much it matters for me at this point. These are crazy times and I don't think I want to reapply given the uncertainty in the world right now and the current state of the job market. I'm leaning towards either UF or Emory at the moment and I don't think either school is likely to increase my scholarship offer. I want to know where I'm going by the end of May, so I don't want to hang around on these waitlists for long. So what's the point of a retake now?

3/23 - Vandy WL. Not a big surprise.
3/24 - Texas WL. Same as above.

4/10 - LSAT rescheduled for May and now only 3 sections online. Not sure how I feel about this.

4/15 - Deposited at Florida. It was tough choosing between this and Emory, but I'm more familiar with UF and was really impressed with the school after touring, visiting a class, and interacting with some of the faculty. It sucks that I didn't get to go to many ASDs or even just more campus visits, but at least I know I'll be happy at UF.

4/17 - Duke rejection by email. Gotta say, this one stings. I was really hoping for at least a waitlist here.
4/24 - WL at NYU! I was so dejected by the prospect of getting outright rejected by every T14 I applied to. This at least gives me a small sliver of hope
5/13 - NYU Kira interview invite
5/15 - BU WL

6/5 - Just got my May LSAT score and it was a 174! Not sure what to do with this, but I'll probably just keep my fingers crossed for waitlist movement. After graduating last month, my GPA has also improved to 3.28.

6/9 - WashU interview invite


Alright, I've changed my mind. Reapplying.

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