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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
3 Drexel University F graph Accepted $130,500 12/08/16 12/09/16 12/09/16 01/18/17 5 days
5 University at Buffalo F graph Accepted $22,500 12/08/16 12/09/16 12/09/16 01/03/17 5 days
4 Penn State University (Dickinson) F graph Accepted $129,600 12/08/16 12/09/16 12/09/16 12/16/16 5 days
2 Rutgers Law School F graph Accepted $42,000 12/08/16 12/09/16 12/09/16 12/21/16 5 days
1 Syracuse University F graph Accepted $112,500 12/04/16 12/05/16 12/05/16 12/09/16 5 days

Applicant Information

N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

New York
5-9 Years

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12/4/16 - Completed application sent for Syracuse Law

12/8/17 - Completed applications sent for Rutgers, Drexel, Penn State, & UB

12/9/17 - Accepted via status checker for Syracuse

12/15/17 - Acceptance package received in mail for Syracuse. Tee shirt & $35,000/yr scholarship. 2.8 gpa to maintain.

12/16/17 - Accepted via email to Penn State. $36,000/yr scholarship. "Good Academic Standing" to maintain.

12/21/17 - Accepted via email to Rutgers. $14,000/yr scholarship. "Good Academic Standing" to maintain.

1/3/17 - Accepted via email to UB. $7,500/yr scholarship. "Good Academic Standing" to maintain.

1/6/17 - Invited to UB Scholars reception on 3/30/17. (I'm skipping this one.)

1/18/17 - Accepted via email to Drexel. Full Tuition $43,500/yr scholarship. "Good Academic Standing" to maintain. Invited to "Rising Advocate Scholar" reception at the Kline & Specter law firm.

(At some point in January or February, I got a package from Penn State with both a ceramic and a travel coffee mug.)

(Also, I received SEVERAL phone calls from Penn State throughout January and February and I believe 2 calls from UB.)

2/16/17 - Rising Advocate Scholars reception for Drexel. A fun & swanky event. Attending this added a $1,300 bookstore credit to my scholarship should I choose to attend.

3/6/17 - Penn State Scholarship increased to $43,200/yr. "Good Academic Standing" to maintain. This was an automatic review/increase.

3/9/17 - Wine and cheese reception the night preceding admitted student day at Syracuse. Mostly students and admissions staff.

3/10/17 - Admitted Student Day at Syracuse. Breakfast, Mock Class, Lunch with professors from our area of interest, guest speakers, student-run panel, dessert, appointments with financial aid office. Very informative, lots of good food!

3/13/17 - I sent an appeal for a scholarship increase to Syracuse.

3/15/17 - Scholarship appeal acknowledged via email.

3/15/17 - (2 Hours Later) Scholarship increased by $2,500/year.

3/20/17 - Received a hand written and hand addressed, clearly personal letter from the Dean at Drexel that rehashed what we discussed last month at the reception and encouraging me to enroll. Very nice!

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