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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
255 University of Notre Dame graph Waitlisted 01/13/05 -- -- -- --
1 Brigham Young University graph Accepted -- -- 01/25/05 02/01/05 --
5 University of Utah graph Accepted 02/01/05 -- 02/16/05 03/15/05 --
1 University of Virginia graph Accepted A -- -- 01/27/05 02/18/05 --
3 Harvard University graph Accepted D -- -- 02/08/05 03/10/05 --
7 University of Southern California graph Accepted -- -- 02/01/05 02/14/05 --
255 University of Michigan Ann Arbor graph Waitlisted -- -- 01/31/05 03/11/05 --
4 Duke University graph Accepted -- -- 02/15/05 02/18/05 --
University of Minnesota Twin Cities graph Intend to Apply W -- -- -- -- --

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Missionary in Bulgaria, Cub scout leader, english teacher in Bulgaria, Basketball Officia, 20-30 work hrs a week all through undergrad


BYU acceptance came email then snail mail. Full tuition renewable

USC Acceptance came in a big envelope very thick. Later in another large envelope came a scholarship offer of 12k a year need and merit based. I wish they would seperate the two. Although USC is a great school and I am happy to receive the offer it is probably not enough to lure me to LA.

Duke acceptance came in an email then a big packet....$25k a lot of money from a top ten, but I was really hoping for more leaving Utah is going to be tough for my wife and me. I actually appealed my scholarship and it was doubled to 50k over five semesters not bad, but I think I hear UVA calling.......Still, it is tempting because well Blue Devil Basketball is pretty awesome

Virginia acceptance was messed up I got info about the admitted students website before my acceptance letter which came in a small envelope. 3/30 I found out via telephone call to admissions office that I have received a $21k per year scholarship. T his very well be enough to lure me away from Utah. I visited. I loved it, but I will miss Utah for 3 years before I can make my way back.

Utah Acceptance came via telephone call from Associate Dean Reyes Aguillar around 5:30 Mountain Time. Later on small envelope $4500 merit scholarship and $4350 tuition waiver. So I guess that is pretty close to full tuition depending on what they set it at this year.

Michigan waitlist came as a surprise in an email. I guess the moral is don't apply so late, write optional essays, and send in fall grades when your applications are still under consideration. That being said I will say THEIR LOSS

Harvard by phone several days after they called to see if I was still interested........ I received the famous red binder shipped priority a couple of days later..... The problem was a 1 bedroom apartment in Cambridge will run me about 1500 per month.....ouch.... unless financial aid comes through I can't imagine a 100k difference in Harvard and UVA, but maybe I am crazy.

Don't you just wish they would hurry up......

Visitor Comments

  • Good luck

With a 176 why did you even bother applying to BYU and Utah? You should get significant money from Michigan and Duke. Good luck

- stxlax
  • I love Utah

I want to practice in Utah. I will probably be able to go to either one for free and that would be nice, but If I get significant money from Michigan, Virginia, or Duke then I would be headed East with plans to return. I would have only applied to BYU, but my wife wanted me to apply to Utah as well so I did, but I won't rule that out at all.

- JAreds3
  • I love Utah as well

If you want to practice at one of the "elite" firms in Utah, (elite-for-Utah firms) then you should go to whichever top ten school gives you ends up being the least expensive. I am a big fan of UVA.

- stxlax
  • I agree to a point

I pretty much agree with you that is what I want to do, but I want to keep the option of free law school in Utah open depending on the amount of scholarship/financial aid I am given at the top ten schools to which I have applied

- Jareds3
  • I love Utah too

Congrats on your great acceptances, Jared. When and how did you hear about $ from BYU? Clearly my numbers are nowhere near yours, but even a tiny bit of help might give me the incentive I would need to make the drive from Salt Lake to Provo. I met with the Dean of Admissions at BYU and he was very understanding and forgiving of my low GPA, so I'm hoping to get just a tiny bit of something. Probably not though :)

  • from...

Forgot to sign off on above post mgm0903

  • BYU scholarship

I got an email from Dean hernandez saying it was in the mail then it came a couple of days later. Their admissions consider soft factors, but their scholarships are pretty much based on numbers alone. So if your index is lower than a 236-238 you probably won't get anything. Some people with indexes as high as 243 I know got half only.

- Jareds3
  • Utah status

Has your status page changed at Utah yet? When were you complete?

- mwitterone
  • Missionary in Bulgaria?

Congrats on all of the acceptances. What did you do in Bulgaria?

- sdk7
  • mich WL

so I guess that means you are turning down the wl option?

- iceman
  • Probably

I will probably just not take them up on the offer of the waitlist. I don't like to be excluded from merit based offers. They probably didn't even take time to read my file more than my numbers and my numbers should have been enough, but weren't like everyone else who got waitlisted. Oh well I understand it must be difficult for them.

- Jareds3
  • go to Virginia!!!!

Let me talk to you about the benefits of Virginia over BYU. When are you going to visit Charlottesville? Email me.

- stxlax
  • dude...

you can practice anywhere in the country if you are near the top at byu... and Utah's elite recruit heavily from both utah and byu. And you would have 2 summers to meet them and intern here without having to move.

- randocommando
  • Congrats on Harvard

Congrats on Harvard! So will it be Harvard or UVA?

- stxlax
  • UVA

Barring great financial aid from Harvard I don't see a 100k difference you know what I mean? When I ran the numbers it was a LOT to go to Harvard. I sent my UVA deposit in, but if Harvard came through with a good amount of financial aid that would be awesome.

- jareds3
  • ND
  • Tuesday, February 07 2006 at 02:03 AM

Any idea why you were waitlisted at ND? Your numbers are astronomical. Email me, if you feel like it.

- Andy
  • Penny Wise and Pound Foolish
  • Saturday, February 11 2006 at 08:11 AM

HLS grads earn more than UVA grads. They can get top jobs without needing to place in the top of their class. I hope others put more thought into a choice than just counting up tuition for the next few years.

- Wow.
  • Wow
  • Friday, March 03 2006 at 05:54 AM

Wow - I like how you "borrow" an idea from Susan Estrich's book - right down to the phrase "penny wise and pound foolish," but completely distort her argument. Going to some schools over H for financial reasons might be a mistake, but Virginia is an excellent law school. Choosing it - for whatever reason - is not a mistake.

- -Jay

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