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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Thomas M Cooley Law School F graph Accepted W $100,000 01/11/19 01/11/19 04/26/19 04/26/19 2 years
1 John Marshall Law School - Atlanta F graph Accepted A $105,000 11/16/18 04/26/19 04/19/19 04/19/19 2 years
Appalachian School of Law graph Accepted W $50,000 01/24/19 04/27/19 -- -- 2 years
4 Mercer University graph Accepted W 04/24/19 04/24/19 05/07/19 05/07/19 2 years
Ave Maria University School of Law graph Accepted W $72,000 12/11/18 12/12/18 05/03/19 05/03/19 2 years
Florida A&M University graph Accepted W $96,000 01/01/19 01/02/19 05/08/19 05/08/19 2 years
3 Charleston School of Law graph Accepted W $75,000 12/10/18 12/11/18 -- 04/22/19 2 years
Barry University School of Law graph Accepted W $80,000 04/19/19 04/22/19 05/06/19 05/06/19 2 years
University of Georgia graph Waitlisted 12/11/18 12/11/18 05/09/19 -- 2 years
2 Georgia State University graph Rejected 12/10/18 12/11/18 05/03/19 05/03/19 2 years
Emory University graph Rejected 12/11/18 12/11/18 04/29/19 04/29/19 2 years

Applicant Information

Georgia Gwinnett College
Business Administration
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Working in a Large corporate law firm specializing in Employment & Labor Law since April of 2017.

Debate Team in college from 2013-2018.

Volunteered for Stop Recidivism event in Atlanta since 2015.


12/11/18- John Marshall application is under review. Fingers crossed!

4/15/19- I did a re-take of the LSAT on March 30, focused a lot more of my study efforts on Analytical Reasoning, and am hoping to break a 150 on LSAT this time around. I will be getting results on April 19th!!! WISH ME LUCK

4/15/19- Contacted John Marshall Atlanta, they told me they will reconsider my application for March LSAT score.

4/15/19- Ave Maria Law School also is reconsidering me after new LSAT score posts.

4/15/19- WMU Cooley is going to update after new LSAT as well. Not sure how i got wait listed at this school.

4/19/19- Received my LSAT score From March 2019, I GOT A 152!!! 10 point increase!!!!! Let's see what happens now, this shall be interesting.

4/19/19- Received Acceptance from John Marshall Atlanta with 35,000/year scholarship. First Choice

4/22/19- Received a call from the Dean of admissions from Charleston personally accepting me into their Fall 2019 Cohort. Also giving me $25,000/year scholarship. Not my first choice.

4/26/19- WMU-Cooley Acceptance with 75% Scholarship.

4/26/19- Appalachian School of Law Acceptance

5/3/19- Ave Maria acceptance with very generous scholarship

5/6/19- Barry acceptance with $80000 scholarship

5/7/19- Mercer Acceptance with no scholarship

5/9/19- University of Georgia sent me an interesting letter stating that i have been chosen for their "select top candidates" for waitlist. So I'm glad that it isn't a flat out no, like it was for GSU. We will see what happens.

I think that this journey has been a long one, and I have finally decided on attending Atlanta's John Marshall Law School in the Fall of 2019. Hopefully they will provide me with the knowledge needed to succeed as an attorney. To anybody out there who feels like giving up, please don't, study study and study more. Always walk in the door with your right foot forward and remember that no matter how hard it gets, you will make it.

Sincerely, Joshua E.

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  • Good Luck
  • Wednesday, December 12 2018 at 12:06 AM

Hey, Our stats are very similar. I just wanted to wish you good luck. I've applied to every school you applied to as well. Hoping for good news for both of us!

- onilew0984
  • Inbox
  • Wednesday, May 08 2019 at 11:08 AM

Hey congratulations on your journey can you please check your inbox I have a question

- AliciaH94
  • Wednesday, May 08 2019 at 03:06 PM

Hey, Congrats! How did you hear from FAMU?

- instantfairy123
  • Wednesday, May 08 2019 at 03:06 PM

Hey, Congrats! How did you hear from FAMU?

- instantfairy123

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