Legallyvegan (2018-2019)

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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
2 Florida State University graph Accepted A $15,482 02/19/19 02/19/19 03/01/19 05/01/19 3 months
1 University of Florida graph Accepted W $23,000 02/18/19 02/19/19 03/04/19 06/28/19 3 months
Lewis and Clark College graph Accepted W $32,000 02/15/19 02/18/19 04/19/19 04/29/19 5 months
Stetson University F graph Accepted W $17,500 02/28/19 03/01/19 03/04/19 03/18/19 6 months
3 College of William and Mary graph Waitlisted 02/15/19 02/15/19 02/26/19 03/27/19 6 months
Florida Coastal School of Law graph Accepted W $30,000 02/15/19 02/19/19 02/27/19 03/15/19 6 months
University of South Carolina graph Accepted W $22,600 02/15/19 02/15/19 02/21/19 02/26/19 6 months
Barry University School of Law graph Accepted W $28,000 02/15/19 02/18/19 02/18/19 02/26/19 6 months

Applicant Information

Mid-size, Public
Political Science
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

3-4 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Master's in Public Administration/Environmental Policy with 3.975 GPA
Various internships in the non-profit sector and with U.S. Senator
Work experience in private industry - sustainability

Retook LSAT in March 2019 & June 2019
155 -> 161 -> 168


University of South Carolina
Notified via email of acceptance
Letter with scholarship info came about a week later - scholarship is per year, and is their typical out-of-state academic scholarship
Withdrawn 5/1

Barry University
Notified via Status Checker of acceptance
Call from Dean of Admissions about scholarship - per year
Withdrawn 5/1

Florida Coastal School of Law
Email acceptance, package mailed a week later. Scholarship is per year
Asked for extension for seat deposit & reconsideration of scholarship after new LSAT score. Dean up'ed it from $20,000/year to $30,000 per year
Withdrawn 5/10

Stetson University
Email acceptance. Scholarship is per year
Withdrawn 5/1

Call from admissions office w/ acceptance and notification of scholarship award (75% tuition per year)
Packet mailed week later

Lewis & Clark
Email notification of acceptance
Packet came a few days later w/ scholarship info (per year)
Increase in scholarship awarded ~5/15, extra $5,000 per year because of additional funds available
Withdrawn 5/15

UF held off on making a decision on my application until my June LSAT score came in (I know, late in the cycle). Dean called and offered me a full-tuition scholarship on 6/28
Withdrawn 7/5

I ultimately decided FSU is better for my professional interests (PI) and my family life. Although I received more scholarship money from UF, my total COA would be less at FSU, and there are more opportunities in Tallahassee. It's finally over!

Visitor Comments

  • Sunday, July 07 2019 at 03:26 PM

With your stats you should apply to more schools and try to get more from FSU!!

- glenntipton
  • Wednesday, July 31 2019 at 09:02 AM

Thanks :) I did try to negotiate with FSU... once before my UF offer, and once after. I plan on practicing in Florida, so I am happy with my decision to attend FSU. I could wait a year and apply to better ranked schools with the possibility of getting in, but my personal career interests can be achieved through attending Florida State.

- Legallyvegan

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