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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Baltimore F graph Accepted 02/23/17 02/23/17 02/23/17 06/20/17 11 months
Drexel University F graph Rejected 02/23/17 02/23/17 02/23/17 06/13/17 11 months
North Carolina Central University graph Accepted -- -- -- 04/12/17 1 year
Penn State University (Dickinson) F graph Waitlisted 02/27/17 02/27/17 02/27/17 04/14/17 1 year
Washington and Lee University F graph Rejected 03/01/17 03/01/17 03/01/17 04/03/17 1 year
University of Richmond F graph Waitlisted 02/23/17 02/23/17 02/23/17 03/15/17 1 year
Campbell University F graph Accepted $15,000 -- -- -- -- 1 year
University of The District of Columbia F graph Accepted $13,000 02/27/17 02/27/17 02/27/17 03/20/17 1 year
Wake Forest University F graph Rejected 02/28/17 02/28/17 02/28/17 -- 1 year
Widener University F graph Accepted $72,000 02/22/17 02/22/17 02/22/17 02/28/17 1 year
Temple University F graph Pending 02/23/17 02/23/17 02/23/17 -- 1 year
Howard University graph Rejected 02/22/17 02/23/17 02/23/17 03/01/17 1 year

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N/A out of N/A

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1-2 Years

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Thus far, Widener Commonwealth has offered me the best deal as far as scholarship money. Looking at just numbers UDC would technically be the best, but their bar passage rates are abysmal so even attending the law school at $10k/year (reduced from $23k) is a risk.

I visited Widener Commonwealth a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love the atmosphere, the faculty, and campus; BUT my preference was to move closer (if not into) the DMV area. All decisions aren't in yet so we'll see.

I was shocked that I'd been waitlisted at Richmond. Considering how my numbers compare to their medians, I expected an outright rejection especially since I applied so late. I'm syked to still be considered! Must be the softs.

Still waiting from 6 others as of 3/27.

As of 6/20/17: I've just been informed by UBalt that I was accepted via voicemail. The young woman who contacted me said that two emails are on their way so if a scholarship is included, I'll likely make the change! I've put down one seat deposit at Widener Commonwealth already so it is kind of a hurt piece to forfeit it if I do switch, but it's not a terrible loss. UBalt is a higher ranked school and I wanted to move to the DMV area, so we'll see. I'll keep you guys updated as decisions continue to be made. I hope everyone's app cycle has gone well!

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  • Friday, March 24 2017 at 06:21 PM

How were you notified about your decision from Campbell?

- Cdye89
  • Monday, March 27 2017 at 09:28 PM

Hey, sorry for the delay Cdye. First, I found out through status checker and then I received a call from the Dean of Admissions.

- PhillyLawLunatic
  • Status checker
  • Monday, April 17 2017 at 07:13 PM

Hey congratulations. Did you find out via email or the status checker and what time of day?

- J561

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