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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Texas Tech University graph Accepted W $30,000 02/09/17 04/01/17 03/14/17 03/14/17 1 year
St. Mary's University graph Accepted $48,000 02/09/17 02/10/17 03/01/17 03/14/17 1 year
Texas A&M University School of Law graph Accepted $56,000 02/09/17 03/01/17 -- 04/03/17 1 year
University of Texas Austin graph Rejected 02/27/17 03/06/17 -- 03/31/17 1 year
University of Houston graph Pending 02/09/17 03/01/17 -- -- 1 year
Southern Methodist University graph Pending 02/09/17 03/01/17 -- -- 1 year
Baylor University graph Waitlisted 02/09/17 03/16/17 -- 03/08/17 1 year

Applicant Information

Loyola Chicago
Finance/ History
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

San Antonio
Hispanic/ Cauc
5-9 Years

Extra Curricular Information



02/09/2017:Sent over all applications except for UTA. Out of college since 2012, currently finishing my MBA at Indiana Kelley School of Business. LOR from CEO of company and College professor. Immigrant with bi-racial background. Hoping for UTA, but know I have a .5% change of getting in. Will be making hard decision of going to tier 4 if money is there or tier 1/2 w/o money if it isn't and if I can get in to the likes of Baylor, UofH, and SMU.

03/08/2017- Get waitlisted at Baylor for fall while being auto accepted for Summer and Spring. Sent my letter of intent to stay on waitlist for fall quarter. Pondering spring pending on other applications.

03/14/2017- Acceptance from Texas Tech with 7.5 k scholarship yearly.
Acceptance from St. Mary's with pending scholarship.

03/25/2017- St. Mary's 10k merit scholarship yearly and an upcoming fellowship award too. Applied for multiple scholarships. Will go here if close to all tuition covered and not accepted to UT which, obviously, is highly likely considering that I am way below their qualifiers.

03/31/2017- Rejected from UT. Expected. Still sucks. Now have to make the decision of Tier 4 with money or tier 1/2 without.

04/03/2017- Received call from TAM at work with voicemail info saying I was accepted, was invited to visit, and was awarded a scholarship as well. Will think this one over. I believe TAM will have great prospects in Texas in the future. Their jump in rankings and reputation has been astronomical over the last couple of years.

04/04/2017- Received my scholarship offer from A&M. Basically only making me pay for one years worth of tuition. This is a really enticing offer. If I get into SMU or U of H, my decision will be difficult.

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