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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
1 University of Texas Austin graph Rejected D ED -- -- -- -- --
12 University of Houston graph Intend to Apply W ED -- -- -- -- --
11 University of Washington graph Intend to Apply W -- -- -- -- --
10 Southern Methodist University graph Waitlisted -- -- -- 04/30/05 --
9 Rutgers State University Newark graph Intend to Apply W -- -- -- -- --
8 Northeastern University graph Intend to Apply W -- -- -- 04/05/05 --
7 Brooklyn Law School graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- --
6 University of San Diego graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
5 Fordham University PT graph Rejected -- -- -- 03/06/05 --
4 University of California Hastings graph Rejected ED -- -- -- -- --
3 Chicago-Kent College of Law (IIT) graph Intend to Apply W -- -- -- -- --
2 Cardozo-Yeshiva University PT graph Accepted A 10/28/04 -- -- 02/10/05 --
13 St. John's University graph Accepted 02/06/05 05/15/05 -- -- --

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Demographic Information

University of Texas

Extra Curricular Information

I had a few here and there.


Have a masters. Published a paper. Speak Russian fluently.
***Waitlisted at Houston and Northeastern before withdrawing***
***Deferred at Rutgers, Brooklyn, Kent before withdrawing***

Visitor Comments

Congrats on your cardozo acceptance! In your face, rutgers!

- JurisDebt

Thanks I don't know what's going to happen with cardozo.. schwartz said that I'll have to wait to hear about merit scholarships. I'll probably go to the admitted students thing on the 24th and learn more about the school, should be interesting

- jurisdebt
  • cardozo

I just visited cardozo this past weekend and really liked it. The class I sat in on was great, and the prof. teaches at NYU too. The building has just been almost totally redone and is for the most part really nice. As long as I don't get into the University of Minnesota, it looks like I'll be heading to cardozo. As far as living goes... thats a good question...

- rachsalper
  • cardozo!

hi! so it looks like you're off to nyc in april! have you gotten any information on that via email or regular mail? Rob Schwartz mentioned it to me when I spoke to him once, but I haven't received anything in the mail about it. Just wondering...

- rachsalper
  • Where to live

rachsalper, I saw your post. I used to live in Hoboken, NJ (right across the river) and if you are going to go to Cardozo I would suggest checking Hoboken out. Great place to live. Easy to get to the W.Village..

- Wombat
  • Hoboken

I second Wombat. Hoboken is a great place to live. Congrats on Cardozo

- esperanza
  • cardozo deposit

was ur deposit nonrefundable for 1,000 due sometime this month? b/c like u i have tons of schools that im still waiting on and 1,000 is a lot to loose

- alana
  • Privet

Nu vot, uvidela russko govorashego cheloveka kotoriy sobiraetsa idti v LS. Menya Zheney zovut, i poka ya na WL v Cordozo ( FT), no podala na PT. Ti kogda sobiraesh'sya perezhat'? Napishi paru slov, poboltaem. Ya poka prozhivau v DC no pomoymu pridetsa perezhat'...

- jorik3
  • congrats

on Cardozo... its a great school with solid employment prospects

- greeneggs
  • Cardozo visit

I'm about 90% sure I'm going to Cardozo in April and that I'll end up there. I still haven't heard about my status at Kent (which I'm curious about...) and I haven't been formally rejected from the U of Minnesota. But, I really liked Cardozo when I visited last month and my deposit is due next week... So I'll be 100% sure really soon :) Keep me posted!

- rachsalper
  • cardozo

Did they offer you any money? I hear they're more tight with us part-timers. (I was accepted, too)

- MarcoAurelio
  • RE: cardozo

Marco...no mention of $ for me. My #s aren't exactly scholarship worthy. Alana...yes, the $1000 deposit is due April 1st. What did you decide to do? Rachsalper..what about you? Any decisions?

- xony
  • a $1000 dollars!!

A $1000 deposit. Please tell me that 's a mistake and someone add an extra zero. That's a lot of money for a school that's not even in the top 20. Wow that school has a lot of nerve. Jeez. Good luck there. BTW, they don't let the people get on you if you have a Texas accent. Some of those accents in New York are just awful. Good luck.

  • RE: a $1000 dollars!!

I don't care about the $1000 - this is the school I want to go to.. so for me it's a non-issue. Texan accents make me cringe, I didn't live here long enough to develop it.

- xony
  • Deposit sent

Xony, looks like we're gonna be classmates! I sent in my deposit on saturday and I've RSVPed for the April open house. I'm really excited/nervous, but thats to be expected, right?! Anyway, i'm giving you my email, if ya want it!

- rachsalper
  • cardozo

Congrats! It's great to see some people finally checking the attending box on this site. I'll be at Catholic, sent the envelope/deposit in yesterday.

- abevigoda
  • spasibo

newyork navernoe samyi luchshii gorod v mire, ty budesh schastliva tam. molodez!

- moskvich78
  • Кардо&#107

Congratulations on your acceptance!

- L84aD8
  • waitlists

Are you still holding out for your waitlisted schools, or is Cardozo definitely the place you're going to?

- sunny478
  • re: waitlists

Definitely going to Cardozo!

- xony
  • Спаси&#107

Скорее всего в Дук.

- L84aD8
  • good lcuk
  • Friday, March 10 2006 at 03:29 AM

Cardozo is a good school, but going there PT is not so nice. But still, I think Cardozo PT is better than St John fulltime. Only problem with Cardozo is the housing, which is very expensive.

- yiplong

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