Application Preparation


Choosing Your Major for Prelaw

With a clear idea of the law schools that you want to attend, and the potential hurdles you face, you want to choose a major that is going to enhance your chances for success. Most people will tell you that your major does not matter to law schools. Those people are wrong. Your major is going to be a soft factor that is reviewed by every law school. Law schools want to see that you were challenged, and still excelled. The first consideration in choosing a major is to consider your academic strength. Have you always been at the top Read More +

Making Undergraduate Courses Count for Law School

There are several things that you can do that will help to make your course selection stand out to law school admissions committees. First, ensure that you have courses that develop the skills they are looking for (listed below). Second, find a passion. Committees look for good students, not students who are trying to look good. Develop some depth in your coursework. Find something in your major to master. Third, while committees are looking for depth, they also look for you to demonstrate some intellectual curiosity. You can demonstrate this by choosing electives that are outside of your major. If Read More +

What to do if You don’t Get Into Law School

If you have followed the recommendations throughout this site, it is unlikely that you will not be admitted to one of the law schools you identified. But, if you do come up short, it isn’t the end of the world. In this situation, you are going to have to do some soul searching and reconfirm your commitment to becoming a lawyer. Next up, you’ll want to consider the process of developing your plan for being a stronger applicant so that you can get into law school in the next application cycle. Identifying and Correcting Weaknesses in Your Application The first Read More +