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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Yale University graph Accepted D A $103,443 11/10/15 11/11/15 11/18/15 02/04/16 3 years
Stanford University graph Accepted W $114,921 10/13/15 10/13/15 10/13/15 01/19/16 4 years
Harvard University graph Accepted W 10/08/15 10/13/15 10/15/15 12/08/15 4 years
University of Chicago graph Accepted W $215,000 10/31/15 10/31/15 11/02/15 01/13/16 4 years
Columbia University graph Accepted W $197,000 11/03/15 11/04/15 11/09/15 01/21/16 4 years
New York University F graph Accepted W $172,000 10/19/15 10/19/15 10/20/15 12/01/15 4 years
University of California Los Angeles F graph Accepted W $115,000 10/05/15 10/05/15 10/06/15 12/21/15 4 years
Northwestern University F graph Accepted W 10/26/15 10/26/15 11/03/15 01/12/16 4 years

Applicant Information

Wheaton College
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

5-9 Years

Extra Curricular Information

4+ years of work experience as a corporate paralegal.

1 year of work experience doing economic development in the Central African Republic.

2 years of a Div III varsity sport.

Identify as lgbtQ.

LSAT: I spent a total of 4 months studying, 15-20 hours per week, while working full time. My study included 2 months of self-study with LSAT Trainer, PowerScore books, and ~12 PTs, followed by a 2-month TestMasters course. Happy to answer any questions about that process.

Y/S $$$ = 2016-2017 award x3.


Under Review 11/11.
Invitation to Skype interview 12/15.
Interview 12/23.
Under Review 2 12/23.
Under Review 3 1/2.
Under Review 4 1/11.
Acceptance email 1/13.
Rubenstein call 1/27.
Withdrew 4/19.

Invitation to Skype interview 12/11.
Interview 12/15.
Acceptance + Hamilton email 1/21.
Withdrew 3/30.

Invitation to Skype interview 11/3.
Interview 11/18.
Acceptance phone call 12/8.
Withdrew prior to applying for financial aid 4/20.

On-campus interview 11/2.
Acceptance Decision Letter 1/12.
Withdrew prior to applying for financial aid 2/7.

Under Review 10/20.
DLS and acceptance phone call 12/1.
Vanderbilt email 2/3.
Withdrew 3/22.

Acceptance phone call 1/19.
Financial aid email 4/7.
Sent email request for aid re-evaluation 4/12.
Updated aid award email 4/19.
Withdrew 4/26.

Acceptance phone call 12/21.
Dean's Merit Scholarship ($100,000) email 2/25.
Need-based aid ($15,000) email 3/4.
Withdrew 3/14.

Acceptance phone call 2/4.
Financial aid email 3/17.
Committed 4/26.

Visitor Comments

  • Saturday, March 19 2016 at 01:43 PM

Holy wow! Congrats on the $ from Yale, that must feel awesome! Your cycle is killer. Leaning one way or another?

- Jean_Ralphio
  • Monday, March 21 2016 at 03:33 PM

Thanks! The Yale $ really just means I'm broke, but I'll take your congrats to the bank anyway :) I'm really stuck between Y, S, and Chicago. I'm hoping some visits help clarify things.

- bonne10
  • Monday, July 18 2016 at 12:50 PM

What techniques did you use to remain motivated while self-studying?

- Sassyf106
  • Monday, July 25 2016 at 03:21 PM

Hey there! I treated LSAT studying like a part-time job -- I didn't let myself make excuses about why I was too busy/tired/bored, etc. to study. Part of that accountability was letting my friends, partner, and family know my study schedule so that they respected it, too, and could call me out if I dropped off schedule. I think it was helpful to let myself daydream a bit about the top schools that I wanted to go to. I would browse Stanford's clinics or Yale's course list during mini-breaks. Most articles I read about law school during that time helped to hammer home the fact that admissions is really a numbers game (LSAT and GPA), and there was nothing more I could do to improve my GPA, so that was extra motivation to dominate the LSAT. It was also no coincidence that I took the February exam -- Chicago hibernates in the winter months, so I knew it would be much easier to hunker down and not feel like I was missing out. I honestly don't think I would have had that focus in the spring or summer. I hope some of that helps. I'm also just very stubborn and a bit obsessive, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone :)

- bonne10
  • Wednesday, November 02 2016 at 09:24 AM

Congrats! Did you tailor your personal statement to each particular school or do anything special in the actual application?

- Snoddon92

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