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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Harvard University graph WL, Accepted D 10/21/10 10/25/10 10/27/10 08/22/11 7 years
New York University graph Accepted A 10/21/10 -- 11/01/10 12/03/10 7 years
Columbia University F graph WL, Rejected D ED 10/20/10 10/20/10 10/27/10 06/22/11 7 years
Vanderbilt University F graph Accepted $72,000 10/18/10 10/25/10 10/25/10 01/17/11 7 years
University of Southern California F graph Accepted 10/19/10 10/19/10 10/25/10 04/05/11 7 years
University of Chicago graph Accepted $45,000 10/19/10 10/20/10 10/22/10 01/10/11 7 years
Fordham University graph Accepted $60,000 10/19/10 10/19/10 10/19/10 01/06/11 7 years
University of Virginia F graph Waitlisted W 10/18/10 10/19/10 -- 02/22/11 7 years
University of Pennsylvania graph Waitlisted W 10/19/10 10/19/10 -- 01/07/11 7 years
Duke University F graph Accepted 10/18/10 10/19/10 10/25/10 02/05/11 7 years
University of California Los Angeles F graph Waitlisted W 10/18/10 10/18/10 10/19/10 02/04/11 7 years
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Accepted $150,000 10/19/10 10/20/10 10/26/10 12/01/10 7 years
Boston University F graph Accepted $105,000 10/31/10 11/03/10 11/08/10 01/06/11 8 years
University of Miami F graph Accepted $150,000 10/18/10 11/05/10 -- 11/05/10 8 years
Cardozo-Yeshiva University graph Accepted $150,000 10/19/10 10/19/10 10/19/10 01/06/11 8 years
Georgetown University F graph Accepted 10/18/10 10/18/10 -- 11/17/10 8 years

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Just decided to update my profile for this cycle's applicants. In the end, I got into HLS via WL literally last minute and I was thrilled. Financially, I had the option of going. But I was really torn up about leaving NYC. I decided to stay at NYU and I love it...I absolutely love it. A lot of times when I'm walking through the Village (and before a whole day of studying) I think I'm SO lucky that CLS didn't bind me into ED because I can't see myself anywhere else. I had some great options and to all applicants out there...everything happens for a reason!

Feb. 22th --> WL. Finally. I thought they had forgotten about me. No status checker, nada. Can't say I'm disappointed. Buahaha.

Feb. 18th --> $45K scholly. Spread out evenly over 3 years. More on Stafford loans later. Guess I'll be going to ASW :-).

Jan. 31st --> E-mail PDF containing scholarship info. $20,000 a year. No stipulations. Still in love with UMich and my Darrow.

Jan. 29th --> Full Darrow!!!!!!! :-D
Can't believe it. This is amazing. I was so set on NYC, but now I've got some tough decisions to make. So fortunate to be making them. Can't wait for ASW.

Jan. 28th --> Missed Dean Z's call. She sent an e-mail saying she has "good news" though...

Jan. 20th --> In via huge boxed package. Status checker dated 01/17.

Jan. 10th --> In at Chicago via phone call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing! :-D

Jan. 10th --> Held for further review.

Jan. 7th --> Decisions continue...bring on the bad luck? "Wait List Invitation from Penn Law"...they make it sound so warm and fuzzy. One of those schools without status checker.

Jan. 6th --> Darrow Invitation from Dean Z!!!!!! Thought #s were too low for sure, but I Third acceptance, busy day! In via status checker. No more info yet.

Jan. 6th --> Second acceptance of the day. In via phone call (917 NYC area code...odd). 75% merit scholly.

Jan. 6th --> In via phone call. Also told I got awarded full scholly.

Dec. 17th --> Deferred ;-(
I'll take that to mean DENIED.

Status Checker, Dec. 3rd --> Decision letter sent
Dec. 13th --> PURPLE ENVELOPE!!! :-)

Dec. 1st --> Logged onto Admitted Students site; received acceptance package 3 days later.
Love happy!

Nov. 17th --> Fancy cream envelope. My first acceptance yay!


A few days prior to submitting my applications, my UG deactivated my e-mail because they were revamping the system. I missed all the e-mails that gave me my Status Checker information. So information about my cycle might be a bit incomplete or doesn't have completion --> to decision dates. If dates are missing, it's because I don't know!!!

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  • Hey its me!
  • Sunday, November 07 2010 at 11:56 AM

It's Gem Hopeful from TLS! Nice to see you here! good luck on your cycle. Is your twin on LSN?

- Muse2014
  • Thursday, December 09 2010 at 08:42 AM

Hey there, I am a TLS member who is taking my LSAT this upcoming February. I am a URM with a 3.0 GPA. My goal is to get a 170 on the LSAT. Can you tell me what you did to achieve your score on the LSAT? I currently have 40 preptests, SuperPrep, and both PS bibles. I'm just not quite sure which testprep method I should use at this point, aside from just taking timed preptests. Any advice you can give to a fellow female URM prospective LS applicant would be welcomed and appreciated! Thanks in advance and best of luck to you!

- pinayprincess

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