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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Charlotte School of Law PT graph Accepted W 04/06/12 -- -- -- 2 years
Ave Maria University School of Law graph Accepted W 03/14/12 -- -- 03/28/12 2 years
Golden Gate University PT graph Accepted A 03/14/12 -- -- -- 2 years
John Marshall Law School - Chicago PT graph Pending W 03/08/12 -- -- 03/20/12 2 years
Florida International University PT graph Rejected 03/14/12 -- -- -- 2 years
DePaul University PT graph Rejected 03/14/12 -- -- 04/05/12 2 years
University of San Francisco PT graph Pending 03/14/12 -- -- -- 2 years
New York Law School PT graph Rejected 03/14/12 -- -- 03/30/12 2 years

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5/14/12 IS ANYONE GOING TO GGU Law? Feedback PLEASE.
5/10/12 Withdrew from John Marshall's SCALES/AAMPLE program. It just seemed like a waste of money. If I decide not to go to San Fran, then I'll reapply for spring. We'll see ... decisions decisions!
5/7/12 ACCEPTED INTO GOLDEN GATE! I've heard mixed opinions on this school .. can anyone give me their thoughts? Has anyone been to the campus?
5/7/12 FIU rejected me, which it's fine .. but it's never a good feeling to feel unwanted. Their loss ha. Still waiting on USF and GGU.
5/2/12 Surprised today by John Marshall. I was accepted into their summer AAMPLE program called SCALES. Having my office so close and a JOB in Chicago, I am seriously thinking to do it.
Still waiting for my letters from GGU and FIU.

5/1/12 FIU and GGU have posted that decisions have been rendered and a letter is in the mail. I'm not expecting much. U of San updated today saying the same thing "application complete", at least the date has changed so I know they haven't forgotten about me. I'm trying to be hopeful, but at this point I'm just planning on reapplying early.

****AS A SIDE NOTE**** anyone who plans to take the LSAT again (or at all), I used this app on my iphone called LSAT Connect. I believe it helped me a TON! I was able to do questions on my commute to and from work. I read their explanations on how questions were formed. It was so helpful .. you can do all the questions you can, but it helped to understand how questions are written and how each question has types of answers to fool you. I also read Wall Street Journal articles to help me with vocab and made flashcards so I knew which terms meant what that are in questions, so I didn't mix it up and misunderstand what was being asked.

4/11/12 I've become quite interested in Charlotte lately due to scholarship opportunities. Charlotte is a great city and I've already been asked to interview with a couple firm's there for work. The school is new and doesn't have an alumni base, but I see a great opportunity, less competition and great location. If anyone has any sort of feedback on Charlotte, please let me know.

4/5/12 Rejected from DePaul, I figured so, but was worth a shot. Still waiting to hear from USF, GG & FIU; crossing my fingers ... but at this point my mentality is to just reapply early come August.
3/30/12 Rejected from NY Law, not too upset, but it never feels good to be rejected. As of this point I think I'm just going to set my mind to reapply early for Spring 2013/ Fall 2013 and think that will definitely make a difference.
3/29/12 I've been reading up on Golden Gate and have come across some extremely negative things .. can anyone give me their thoughts?! Thanks!
3/28/12 I checked today to see if any decisions were made ... I was accepted to Ave Maria! It was a safety school, it definitely is a self esteem boost!
3/23/12 Received an email from NY Law asking me to complete an online video admissions interview. I was definitely nervous! I read that they offer the online interview to all students, but a small percentage actually do it.
3/20/12 I've been checking my status every 5 minutes at John Marshall. Today they posted that a decision was made, however, I will not know the status of my decision until I receive a letter in the mail. What a bummer .. I'm so nervous!!!!

3/20/12 I received via email a rejection from John Marshall .. I guess I'll have to apply for spring term if I decide I still want to go here. So sad!


Worked in law firms all through undergrad. Currently working for a larger law firm in Chicago.

Didn't take undergrad as seriously as should have. Took the LSAT Oct 2010 and didn't do so great. Studied for the month of January to retake the LSAT Feb 2012. Focused mainly on reading comp. When I took the LSAT I took my time to make sure I answered the most questions correctly rather than speeding through and guessing. My score improved significantly.

I love working in Chicago, but ultimately would like to relocate to San Fran. Maybe this will be my opportunity.

Here goes nothing ...

Visitor Comments

  • nyls
  • Friday, March 30 2012 at 07:45 PM

how did you find out about nyls' rejection and did you do the video interview?

- anonymous
  • Reply to NYLS
  • Tuesday, April 03 2012 at 06:29 AM

I did complete an online/video interview. I kind of felt like the interview was to just get a glimpse of what you looked like, rather giving you a chance to be unique, because the questions are already answered on your application. I checked online and that is where I found my answer. Hope that helps!

- chicagokel
  • Saturday, May 05 2012 at 07:05 PM

Keep plugging away and retooling your statements is all I can say. Have been trying for 4 years and finally got accepted to 5 of 6 schools with same credentials last 3 application cycles. Sell your ability to work under pressure, interest, resiliency, ability to work with others and ability to take on enormous tasks and create a process.

- anonymous

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