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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Southwestern University School of Law F PT graph Rejected 01/20/12 01/23/12 01/24/12 05/08/12 2 years
University of La Verne College of Law F graph Rejected 11/01/11 11/02/11 02/17/12 04/04/12 2 years
Thomas Jefferson School of Law F graph Rejected 11/01/11 11/02/11 11/02/11 02/17/12 2 years
Florida Coastal School of Law F graph Rejected 01/19/12 01/20/12 01/20/12 02/02/12 2 years
Golden Gate University F graph Waitlisted 11/01/11 11/02/11 11/10/11 01/24/12 2 years
California Western School of Law F graph Rejected 11/01/11 11/03/11 11/03/11 01/26/12 2 years
Western State University F graph Rejected 11/01/11 11/02/11 11/30/11 01/18/12 2 years
University of the Pacific F graph Rejected 11/01/11 11/02/11 11/09/11 01/11/12 2 years
Chapman University F graph Rejected 11/02/11 11/03/11 11/03/11 01/03/12 2 years
Whittier Law School F graph Rejected 11/01/11 11/01/11 11/17/11 12/21/11 2 years
Santa Clara University F graph Rejected 11/01/11 11/02/11 11/10/11 11/18/11 2 years

Applicant Information


Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

Law School Predictor Results vs. Reality

California Western -- Deny / Denied
Chapman -- Deny / Denied
Florida Coastal -- Weak Consider / Denied
Golden Gate -- Deny / Waitlisted
La Verne -- Weak Consider / Denied
Pacific McGeorge -- Deny / Denied
Santa Clara --- Deny / Denied
Southwestern -- Deny / Denied
Thomas Jefferson -- Weak Consider / Denied
Western State --- Deny / Denied
Whittier -- Deny / Denied


That's all folks!

5/8 Rejected from Southwestern via email.

4/4 Rejected from La Verne via mail.

2/23 Rejected from Thomas Jefferson via mail.

2/14 Rejected from Florida Coastal via email. Took them long enough.

2/2 Rejected from Florida Coastal via status checker.

1/30 Waitlisted at Golden Gate via mail.

1/26 DR at California Western. Rejected via status checker then email -- although the heading on the status checker and in the email indicates that I was denied for Spring which I did not apply for. Going to email back to clarify.
Later -- emailed to clarify. Cal Western admitted mistake and sent a "revised" rejection letter with the appropriate term (Fall 2012). This made me laugh.

1/24 DR at Golden Gate. Letter mailed. Rejection? IR at Southwestern. Also, received rejection letter via postal mail from Western State.

1/20 IR at Florida Coastal.

1/18 DR at Western State. Letter mailed. Rejection?

1/13 Rejected from Pacific McGeorge via email.

1/11 DR at Pacific McGeorge. Letter mailed. Also, status date keeps changing on Western State's status checker. First it was 11/30/11 to 1/6/12, now 1/11/12. But status still says "Complete".

1/3 Rejected from Chapman via email. Really sad about this.

12/27 IR at Golden Gate.

12/21 Rejected from Whittier via status checker.

12/21 IR at Pacific McGeorge.

12/7 IR at Cal Western.

11/23 Rejected from Santa Clara via postal mail (letter dated 11/18, post date stamp 11/21).

11/18 DR at Santa Clara. Decision mailed.

11/18 IR at Whittier.

11/10 IR at Chapman and Santa Clara.

This is my second cycle. Last one didn't pan out so well. I retook the LSAT but it was 2 points lower than my best score. Rewrote my entire application packet (PS, Addendum, DS) and submitted to all T3 and T4 I could see myself going. Prepared for the worst but hoping for the best!

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