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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Southern California graph Rejected 01/21/15 01/22/15 01/22/15 03/13/15 6 years
St. John's University graph Waitlisted 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 03/16/15 6 years
Wake Forest University graph Rejected 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 03/04/15 6 years
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graph Rejected 01/20/15 01/20/15 01/21/15 -- 6 years
University of Iowa graph Rejected 01/21/15 01/22/15 01/22/15 03/02/15 6 years
Cardozo-Yeshiva University graph Waitlisted 01/20/15 01/20/15 01/21/15 02/23/15 6 years
Chicago-Kent College of Law (IIT) graph Waitlisted 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 02/13/15 6 years
Loyola University Chicago graph Waitlisted 01/21/15 01/22/15 01/22/15 02/20/15 6 years
Southwestern University School of Law graph Accepted 01/21/15 01/26/15 01/27/15 02/20/15 6 years
American University graph Accepted 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 01/30/15 6 years
University of San Diego graph Pending 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 -- 6 years
Loyola Law School graph Pending 01/21/15 01/22/15 01/22/15 -- 6 years
Pepperdine University graph Pending 01/21/15 01/22/15 01/22/15 -- 6 years
Northeastern University graph Pending 01/20/15 01/22/15 01/22/15 -- 6 years
Emory University graph Pending 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 -- 6 years
Washington and Lee University graph Pending 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 -- 6 years
Washington University in St Louis graph Pending 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 -- 6 years
Brooklyn Law School graph Pending 01/20/15 01/21/15 01/21/15 -- 6 years
1 Indiana University Bloomington graph Pending 01/20/15 01/27/15 01/27/15 -- 6 years

Applicant Information

State School
not a "soft" major
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Worked at a large media company as an intern during undergrad
I have an average office job, nothing glamorous but I'm not answering phones/making copies either.
Took the LSAT multiple times
Published in a law journal in undergrad
Worked two jobs while in college, participated in a couple of clubs, worked bake sales to raise money for underprivileged kids' college scholarships
Extensive travel





Hey, I loved the LSN and TLS community for the past two cycles when applying to school. Although I hadn't participated in the past, I have always had the intention to do so just not the time. Now willing to share and exchange information with others and give someone else hope! Good luck to anyone applying this cycle!!!

*NUMBERS ARE APPROX., I'll share my real stats after the cycle

This profile is for the Average Joe, lol I know my list isn't super impressive but I'm just trying to contribute. This is my second time applying to basically the same schools on the list. I chose the schools based off of where I could see myself having a shot at being admitted based off past 3 years stats on LSN and the majority of my schools the 75% salary is above 100k according to LST. I ignore TLS "T-14 or die" mentality. I went to community college and a state school and currently leagues ahead of my peers that went to top schools. I grew up in a lower middle class home, received scholarships, took buses to go to school with rich kids that have provided me with connections. Basically I never deny a dinner at my friends' parents' houses, co-workers' or company party because you never know who you're going to meet. I never tell anyone "Sorry I'm busy", I always make time for those who can help me.
Not to be "THAT GUY" , but I have a silver tongue, network about 5 hours a week, a bit of luck and have that "cool factor". I have used my personality to obtain opportunities that I did not necessarily "earn", but that's how I make up for my lack-luster academic performance. *Kanye West Shoulder Shrug*

My first personal statement (cycle 1) was a "How I turned Lemons into Lemonade" because I grew up with less than my peers. I didn't get accepted into any of the schools above, not sure if it was because of my essay...but really how many (hundreds of applicants) write the "Lemons into Lemonade" essay?

This cycle I wrote about a intriguing travel experience (not a I went to Europe, frolicked through Italy and now I'm worldly), but something relevant to current events. I've only been accepted to two schools so I'm not sure if that changed any minds but it was worth the risk, we'll see at the end of the cycle.

1/30/15-ACCEPTED INTO AMERICAN! First acceptance to a school, this is really exciting for me. Pretty impressive to be accepted into a ~T50 school. Good start to my cycle, LEGGO!!!

2/3/15-ACCEPTED INTO A ~T100, WITH 30K EACH YEAR. The only stip was to stay in the top 40%. Very tempting, but hoping to use the scholly for leverage. I didn't list the school because I don't want to give away my yet.

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