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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Pennsylvania F graph Accepted W $105,000 10/01/18 -- -- 01/15/19 1 year
Harvard University graph Accepted A 10/01/18 -- -- 02/12/19 1 year
Columbia University graph Accepted W 10/03/18 -- 10/08/18 02/07/19 1 year
Stanford University graph Pending W -- -- -- -- 1 year
New York University graph Accepted W $93,000 10/02/18 -- 10/03/18 11/15/18 1 year
Yale University graph Rejected 11/26/18 -- -- 03/27/19 1 year
Georgetown University graph Accepted W 09/30/18 -- -- 10/15/18 1 year
George Washington University graph Accepted W $150,000 10/01/18 -- -- 11/27/18 1 year
Duke University F graph Accepted W 10/01/18 -- -- 10/11/18 1 year
University of Chicago F graph Waitlisted W 10/01/18 -- 10/05/18 01/18/19 1 year
Northwestern University graph Waitlisted W 10/01/18 -- -- 02/20/19 1 year
University of Virginia F graph Waitlisted W 10/01/18 -- -- 01/03/19 1 year
Cornell University graph Rejected 10/01/18 -- -- 12/13/18 1 year

Applicant Information

Top 100 Research Univesity
Social Science/Humanities
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Medium softs - was not involved with undergrad extracurriculars but did do a lot of work while in school but outside of school.


3.8X GPA

I am pretty debt averse but received a very generous FA package from HLS which makes my decision super easy. I did not post details because HYS are all need based so I don't think that information is relevant to future applicants.

I withdrew from some schools before I could receive financial aid (this includes GULC and Duke)

Withdrew from SLS before decision because I knew I wasn't going to attend.

UVA: Early, Early, October
Interview went well. Waitlist was surprising.

Georgetown: Group interview
Early October

KJ1: Early October
KJ2: 2/12/19
Worst interview but good results.

Columbia: Mid November
Interview went well. Was pretty conversational.

Chicago: Early December
Went VERY well. Waitlist hurt like a bitch.

Northwestern: Switched from Kira to in person. Early November, went well. Result: Waitlisted.

Cornell: Was offered a Kira interview in mid November. Ignored request for 6 weeks. Deservedly rejected.

Extra Essays:
Columbia: Added an extra paragraph to my personal statement

NYU: AnBryce


UPenn: Core Strengths

Duke: Why Duke

Northwestern: Do not remember if it was optional but did do Career Interest and Long Term Career Goal mini essays

Cornell: Why Cornell

Stanford: Did one optional essay

Georgetown: Top 10 list

Received Duke PT

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