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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Chicago graph Accepted A ED 11/30/17 12/01/17 12/01/17 12/20/17 2 years
Georgetown University graph Accepted W 10/08/17 10/09/17 11/08/17 11/22/17 2 years

Applicant Information

Southern Ivy
Mechanical Engineering
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

Caucasian/Hispanic (
In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Have done research and co-authored a few technical papers. Former NCAA athlete. Involved in school Honor Council. Gap year where I did volunteer work.


I am half Caucasian and half Central American. I have read and heard conflicting reports of whether I qualify as a URM or not. Common sense makes me think yes, but some people swear it's only those of Mexican or Puerto Rican origin. I clicked "Non-Traditional" because of my STEM background, which I think helped a ton.

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  • Wednesday, January 17 2018 at 04:24 PM

I had blanketed the t14 (minus Yale) when I heard from Chicago, and at that point had to withdraw all other applications. Based on prevailing wisdom that you find on TLS, Reddit, etc., I thought there was absolutely no way I would get in to Chicago. I hope my profile, should it be found by others of STEM backgrounds, serves as some encouragement. I really think Law School numbers should add a feature where you can compare applications by academic background. It is my belief (and I've looked at some data that backs this up) that law schools right now want STEM majors (because of the demand in the legal market) , and that, given the dearth of law school applicants with STEM backgrounds, we are in a really good position. If you are a STEM major with a good lsat score, DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT, even if you have a "low" gpa. Happy to provide any insight I can into what I think worked for me in my application process.

- engineer1
  • Monday, January 29 2018 at 05:46 PM

Also an MECH (top 15) ! This is encouraging ; ; Best of luck at Chicago!!

- jules_y

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