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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Columbia University graph Waitlisted 02/06/18 02/06/18 03/06/18 04/26/18 2 years
Yale University graph Waitlisted 12/22/17 12/27/17 01/06/18 04/27/18 2 years
1 University of Virginia F graph Accepted A $191,100 09/10/17 09/11/17 09/11/17 09/21/17 2 years
2 University of Chicago F graph Accepted $45,000 10/25/17 10/25/17 10/27/17 01/18/18 2 years
4 Northwestern University F graph Accepted $180,000 10/30/17 10/31/17 12/11/17 01/16/18 2 years
University of Pennsylvania F graph Accepted W 11/18/17 11/19/17 11/27/17 02/16/18 2 years
Stanford University graph Waitlisted 12/22/17 01/04/18 01/09/18 04/12/18 2 years
3 Harvard University graph Waitlisted 11/18/17 11/20/17 11/27/17 03/26/18 2 years
Vanderbilt University F graph Accepted W $119,000 10/14/17 10/16/17 10/18/17 11/20/17 2 years
Washington University in St Louis F graph Accepted W $195,000 10/12/17 10/12/17 10/12/17 10/25/17 2 years
University of California Los Angeles F graph Accepted W $100,000 10/20/17 10/23/17 10/23/17 01/12/18 2 years
Georgetown University graph Accepted W $120,000 10/25/17 10/27/17 10/30/17 11/30/17 2 years
University of Notre Dame F graph Accepted $150,000 10/16/17 10/18/17 10/18/17 01/05/18 2 years
Duke University F graph Accepted $105,000 10/25/17 10/25/17 10/26/17 11/22/17 2 years
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Waitlisted 10/14/17 10/16/17 10/18/17 02/16/18 2 years

Applicant Information

Small liberal arts
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Strong softs -- more info post cycle.


*By School Notes:*

UVA: In via interview with UVA with Dean Faulk (scholarship info by mail 2/15/18).

Wash U: In by phone 2 days after interview with Wash U (scholarship info came the next day by email -- Dean's Fellowship + Washington Award for 10K per year stipend).

Vanderbilt: In by email with Vanderbilt (no interview) (scholarship info by email 3/3/18).

Duke: In by email with Duke (no interview). (Interviewed for scholarships at the beginning of February.)

Georgetown: In by snail mail with Georgetown (no interview) (scholarship info by email 3/6/18).

Notre Dame: In by email with Notre Dame (no interview) (scholarship info by mail 2/13/18).

UCLA: In by phone with UCLA (no interview) (scholarship info by email 2/23/18).

Chicago: In by email with Chicago just under 1 month after Skype interview right before Christmas (scholarship info by email 3/7/18).

Michigan: Waitlisted by email at Michigan after getting the "sorry we haven't gotten around to your application yet" email a few weeks before. (I guess my Why Michigan wasn't terribly persuasive... or there's bias against Ohioans haha.)

Penn: In by phone with Penn (no interview); they offered me an application for a Silverman-Rodin scholarship (no Levy). I didn't end up applying for it because I had already gotten the Dillard and that kind of took away my motivation to fill out more paperwork haha.

Northwestern: Did the recorded video interview, in by decision letter notification system 1/16/18 (scholarship info by email 3/23/18).

Harvard: Didn't get a JS1; WL by email 3/26/18.

Stanford: WL by snail mail dated 4/12/18, received 4/17/18.

Columbia: WL by email 4/26/18.

Yale: WL by email 4/27/18. (Haha got the trinity of waitlists at HYS)

Overall: No rejections at 15 schools and $1.2 million in scholarship offers makes for a pretty good cycle. I've deposited at UVA and I'll probably take the Dillard even if HYS come through. I'm starting the process of withdrawing from places.

*Misc Notes:*

Wrote Why X for UVA, Michigan, Chicago, Harvard, Northwestern, Penn.

All fee waivers came via CRS except Northwestern (solicited).

Columbia is randomly in February because I wasn't going to apply there, but then I decided to after they sent me an email saying I should and my advisor said I should.

Took the LSAT twice (166-->172). Wrote a statement explaining the (less than optimal) circumstances behind the 166.

More info (including any scholarship offers I haven't disclosed yet) coming post cycle or after I make my decision. I'll try to be as complete as possible, including dates of interview requests and any other communications. If you want more info in the meantime, PM me.

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