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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Maryland F graph Accepted 09/15/19 09/16/19 09/16/19 11/18/19 13 days
College of William and Mary graph Accepted $75,000 09/04/19 09/05/19 09/05/19 12/19/19 13 days
Georgetown University F graph Waitlisted 09/24/19 09/25/19 09/27/19 12/06/19 13 days
University of Miami F graph Accepted $163,770 09/04/19 09/05/19 09/05/19 09/05/19 4 months
University of Pennsylvania F graph Pending 09/15/19 09/16/19 09/20/19 -- 4 months
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Pending 09/15/19 09/16/19 09/20/19 -- 4 months
University of Virginia F graph Pending 09/07/19 09/09/19 09/09/19 -- 4 months

Applicant Information

Top 10
Political Science/Art History
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

3-4 Years

Extra Curricular Information

Took 3 gap years after college during which I worked in state politics. My disadvantaged background, work in politics/advocacy, letters of rec (submitted 3 from: a state politician who I worked for, an attorney I worked for, and an old health policy professor) + social justice-focused personal statement came together nicely !!! I also graduated with highest honors & two majors from a top 10 university which definitely helped.

My cycle is actually 2019-2020. Don't know how to change it on here!


9/4/19: Sent application for University of Miami

9/6/19: Got a call from the Dean of University of Miami accepting me with a full-tuition Dean's merit scholarship!!!!

11/18/19: Accepted to University of Maryland. Scholarship is pending until I fill out my FAFSA. Not sure why they do it this way, but it's already making me put UMD in the back of my mind since I have no scholarship info.

12/6/19: Waitlisted from Georgetown. Womp womp. OH WELL. Georgetown is horrible about scholarships anyway and I already have a full ride to law school.

12/19/19: Accepted to William and Mary with approx. a 70% scholarship.

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