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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of California Davis graph Accepted A $82,500 02/23/17 02/23/17 02/27/17 05/04/17 12 months
Loyola Law School graph Accepted W 02/02/17 02/03/17 -- 04/07/17 1 year
Howard University F graph Accepted W $48,000 03/15/17 03/15/17 03/21/17 04/14/17 1 year
University of California Irvine graph Waitlisted W 02/20/17 02/21/17 02/21/17 05/20/17 1 year
California Western School of Law graph Accepted W $56,835 02/12/17 02/13/17 02/13/17 02/13/17 1 year
University of California Los Angeles F graph Rejected 12/09/16 12/12/16 01/04/17 04/24/17 1 year
Washington University in St Louis F graph Waitlisted 02/12/17 02/13/17 03/07/17 03/13/17 1 year
University of Southern California graph Rejected 01/18/17 01/19/17 01/19/17 03/28/17 1 year
University of California Hastings graph Waitlisted 01/07/17 01/08/17 -- 02/02/17 1 year
University of California Berkeley F graph Rejected 11/17/16 11/18/16 01/09/17 02/21/17 1 year
Northwestern University F graph Waitlisted 12/15/16 12/16/16 -- 02/08/17 1 year

Applicant Information

Semi-Large State Campus
Child/Family Development
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

Black, Latinx
1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information

PRESENT: working in a state administrative law court as a member of support staff

-Two years serving on Associated Students Judicial Affairs Council; included one year as Chief Justice (chair of the JAC)
-One year as National Communications Coordinator of Residence Hall Association
-Two years in A.I.M. for Law pre-law program; included two mock trials, learning basics of LSAT, listening to guest speakers, and learning the basics of briefing
-3.5 years as Student Assistant at campus housing office
-2.5 years as Student Worker at Superior Court
-Completed several internships, including mentoring youth probationers in a charter school and assisting in a kindergarten classroom
-Won two local pageant titles, serving the community for one year per title
-Regular miscellaneous volunteer work throughout undergrad (ie: food bank, beach clean-ups, Halloween festivals, etc.)


GENERAL: I studied for the LSAT using Blueprint (which was great and well worth the investment, but I could've done better balancing work and studying). The first time I took the LSAT, I psyched myself out and made the mistake of studying up until just a couple hours before the test. The second time I distracted myself with activities the day before the test but I was still somewhat tired and unfocused and nervous. I decided not to risk a lower score and did not take it a third time. While I am optimistic of admissions outcomes thanks to my extensive work and extracurricular experiences and a fairly high GPA (it earned me Magna Cum Laude honors at graduation), I also understand that LSAT scores are highly determinate of outcomes and anticipate more waitlists and/or denials than acceptances, especially considering the merit of the schools I applied to and how competitive their application processes are. My dream school is UCLA so please wish me luck as I await their decision! Best to all of you out there as well!

5/20/17: As of today I have received initial decisions from all of the schools I applied to, ending with UC Irvine waitlisting me. I just paid both deposits to UC Davis this past Thursday and really don't have much desire to attend Irvine so I won't be staying on their waitlist. I've also withdrawn applications from CWSL, Howard, and Loyola (Los Angeles). It was a very challenging application cycle for me, mostly due to my low LSAT score, but I have to say that I'm satisfied with the overall outcomes. Out of 12 schools, I was accepted to four (three of whom offered me scholarships), waitlisted at four, and declined by three. Even with the waitlists, it's nice to know that I'm at least considered to be qualified to attend most of the schools I applied to. It was a very fulfilling feeling to pay my deposits to Davis, as I never thought I would get into any of the UC schools with an outright acceptance, let alone be offered any amount of scholarship money. But economically and location-wise, I feel Davis will end up being an excellent choice for me. I'm really looking forward to starting in the fall. Best wishes to all in your law school and career endeavors!

5/4/17: I was almost ready to give up this week. I contemplated withdrawing all my applications from this cycle and starting over for the next cycle, starting with re-taking Blueprint and the Fall LSAT. But just as I was talking about this to someone, I got my acceptance email from UC Davis! I was so happy that I started crying! I was just so relieved to have been accepted at a school that I am actually willing to attend! Davis isn't my first choice BUT there are a number of factors that make it more appealing than all the other schools I've been accepted or waitlisted at so far. The letter said it would be about a week before I find out if I received any scholarships or grants but as of right now, Davis is where I plan to deposit. I can't even describe how good it feels just to have a plan now, even if it's not exactly what I had hoped for.

4/24/17: I'm currently at UCLA as I write this update. Today I took a tour, visited a torts class, and met briefly with the Director of Admissions. Unfortunately, I received a decision that my application was denied less than 2 hours after finishing my visit. I'm a little disappointed but I'm not at all surprised. I think my LSAT score definitely placed the school out of my reach. Congrats to those who were admitted and waitlisted, but it's onward and upward for me. Even though UCLA was my dream school, I still have some other good prospects and I'm looking forward to hearing from them (fingers crossed for Wash U and/or Northwestern!)

4/14/17: I just received a decision that I was admitted to Howard and received a scholarship to cover about half of the tuition. I'm happy to have an option that offered me a scholarship. Has anybody else been accepted to Howard and successfully negotiated a higher award? Please comment if so!

4/7/17: So today I received my official decision letter and offer of admission from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, which I'm very excited about! But, on the downside, I did not receive any scholarship awards and LLS certainly isn't cheap. But I contacted the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid and she noted my request for a reconsideration. Even a partial scholarship would be nice.

4/4/17: Just returned from visiting Northwestern and WashULaw (waitlisted at both). I felt very good about both schools, but something about WashULaw stood out to me. It felt more community-oriented. UCLA remains my top choice (decision still pending), but WashULaw is a very close second that I would even consider over UCLA.

3/28/17: I just received a voicemail from a student in La Raza de Loyola (Los Angeles) congratulating me on admission and extending some event invitations. I haven't heard anything official from the admissions office there so I really hope this isn't some kind of mistake. It definitely caught me off guard though. I sent an email to admissions so hopefully I get a clear answer soon.

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