iloverootbeer2 (2019-2020)

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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
2 Indiana University Bloomington graph Accepted -- -- -- 12/20/04 --
Georgetown University graph Accepted 10/31/04 11/01/04 11/10/04 11/24/04 --
University of Texas Austin graph Accepted 11/16/04 -- -- -- --
University of Chicago graph Accepted 11/30/04 -- -- -- --
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graph Accepted -- -- -- -- --
Northwestern University graph Accepted 11/11/04 -- -- 01/05/05 --
2 Harvard University graph Accepted 10/14/04 -- 11/15/04 11/27/04 --
University of Notre Dame graph Accepted -- -- -- 12/20/04 --
Stanford University graph Rejected 11/11/04 -- 12/03/04 -- --
Washington and Lee University graph Accepted 11/16/04 -- -- -- --
Vanderbilt University graph Accepted 11/11/04 -- -- 12/23/04 --
University of Cincinnati graph Accepted -- -- -- 12/23/04 --
5 University of Michigan Ann Arbor graph Accepted -- -- 11/23/04 12/13/04 --
4 University of Virginia graph Accepted 10/14/04 -- 10/24/03 12/14/04 --
1 Duke University graph Accepted A -- -- -- 11/30/04 --
University of Pennsylvania graph Accepted 12/02/04 -- -- -- --

Applicant Information

High Rank Small Priv
30 out of 300

Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

Considerable community service

Grad degrees

Undergrad and grad both top 5-10 engineering schools


Merit Aid:

Full Tuition-
Indiana (Stipend)
Michigan (Stipend)

Other -
$22.5K/yr at Notre Dame
$20.0K/yr at Vandy
$10.0K/yr at NU
$64K total at Chicago
$12.0K/yr at Penn
$24.0K/yr at UVA
$9.0K/yr + in state at UT

Withdrew G-town and W&L before scholarship notification

In the process of withdrawing non-Duke Applications.

Visitor Comments

  • stipend

Could you disclose how much your stipend at IU was?

- vraeden
  • LSAT

if you have a moment, do you mind giving me some insight into what you did to prepare for the LSAT? Great job and enjoy Duke

- grecodawg
  • ummm

Duke over Harvard? is this for real?

- jake.
  • LSAT Prep

I took about 25 practice tests over a 6 week period. I didn't look at any test prep "methods", since I like to develop my own as I go.

- iloverootbeer2
  • Duke over Harvard

WOW.. its just sad that someone is such a rankings whore that they assume taking a full-tuition scholarship at Duke vs. nothing but loans at Harvard must be fake. There are more important things in life than chasing prestige at all cost and working like a dog to make more money than I actually need.

- iloverootbeer2
  • Congrats!

Hey RootBeer, Thanks for the kind message, you made a wise decision yourself. A full-tuition scholarship at a quality institution cannot be beat. Plus, Durham is cool (Duke is in Durham, right? :) ). My question for you, though, is why Duke over Michigan? What programs are you interested in?

- ChloeP
  • And One More Thing...

Yes, IU's library rocks. School building aesthetics *shouldn't* be important, but let's be honest! I couldn't take UMN w/ equal scholarship & higher ranking because of all their red brick (and crappy weather). :) Good luck in law school!

- ChloeP
  • Comments on IU

Thanks, iloverootbeer2we're excited about IU, Bloomington, and the whole experience. Im encouraged to see youve also made a great decision (with quite the array of choices I might add) that takes into account much more than the often slighted, and yet near-universally-cited rankings. While its a pity we wont be seeing you at IU, your comments, frankly, have made my day. Best of luck at Duke! Matt

- mlawless
  • Why IP is mistreated

I think the very tip-top schools don't give IP much respect because it isn't a "traditional" area of law. They probably don't see a good correlation between having a strong IP program and really presitigious honors and statistics, like SCOTUS clerkships.

- tacojohn
  • Law School

Nice job on the prestigious admissions? Which private university did you attend? I am also an engineering major (EE) and am looking for some pointers. Thanks!

- HM

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