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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Southern Methodist University graph Accepted A $75,000 11/25/20 11/26/20 12/01/20 12/07/20 12 days
Boston University graph Rejected 11/28/20 01/30/21 12/02/20 -- 12 days
University of Tennessee Knoxville graph Accepted $43,000 11/25/20 01/26/21 01/26/21 -- 12 days
George Mason University graph Pending 12/04/20 12/08/20 12/10/20 -- 1 month
Vanderbilt University graph Pending 11/25/20 01/28/21 11/30/20 -- 1 month
University of Houston graph Accepted $47,000 11/25/20 11/25/20 11/26/20 12/04/20 1 month
George Washington University graph Waitlisted -- 11/25/20 11/27/20 01/11/21 1 month
Arizona State University graph Accepted $70,000 11/25/20 11/27/20 11/30/20 12/17/20 2 months

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12/4/20 Accepted to Houston Law via email. No scholarship offer at that time. Should receive a financial offer in January

12/7/20 Accepted into SMU Law via email. Told in email that scholarship offers would go out in late January. Later received phone call with basically same information

12/17/20 Accepted to ASU Law via email containing personal video from the Dean. This was a nice touch, I thought it was cool. Received email later that day with official acceptance and scholarship offer. Was told in that email that I could increase my scholarship by an additional $15,000 if I joined "Merit Scholars Program". That would require singing binding admission contract by March 1, which could prove difficult if waiting on other schools still.

12/18/20 Had an interview with George Mason. It was very quick and easy, only about 25 minutes long. Seemed to be less about me and more about promotional information about the school and allowing me time to ask questions which was nice.

1/11/21 Received email stating that I had been waitlisted at GW. Says I should hear final decision in early May.

1/19/21 Went on official visit to SMU Law in Dallas. Was given campus tour by a member of admissions office and a current 3L. Very beautiful campus and nice law school buildings. Looked very old but not run down, how you would envision a classic old law school to look like, lots of marble and wood. Was told I would hear scholarship offer via mail and status checker (not email for some reason) by the end of the month.

1/20/21 Received scholarship offer from U of Houston. Was technically given onyl $3,000 in scholarship but also given a "non resident tuition waiver" which would allow me to pay in state tuition like a Texas resident would. All in all the offer would reduce my tuition cost by about $47,000.

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