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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of California Davis graph Accepted 12/28/13 -- 01/17/14 04/10/14 5 years
Santa Clara University graph Accepted $45,000 12/28/13 -- 01/09/14 02/12/14 5 years
University of California Berkeley graph Rejected 01/30/14 -- -- -- 5 years
Stanford University graph Rejected 12/28/13 12/30/13 -- -- 5 years
University of California Hastings graph Accepted $39,000 12/28/13 -- 01/06/14 02/13/14 5 years

Applicant Information

N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information



2/12: Accepted to Santa Clara - found out via status check.

2/13: Accepted to Hastings - found out via email, towards the end of the day.

2/14: Received SCU financial aid offer via mail - 15K/year

I withdrew my application to USF a after the rankings came out

4/10 - Got into UC Davis today, heard directly form the Dean, which was a complete surprise.

Visitor Comments

  • Tuesday, February 18 2014 at 01:16 PM

Congrats on Hastings! Mind if I ask about your softs?

- xtinesung
  • Friday, April 11 2014 at 02:24 PM

congrats on UC Davis and UC Hastings, have you made a decision on where to go yet?

- phanieldung
  • Saturday, April 12 2014 at 11:25 AM

Hey phanieldung, Thanks for the congrats! I was planning on going to Hastings until a couple days ago and now I'm not sure. It's going to come down to the financial aid packet. I'll know what Davis is offering me next week so I'll be able to make a decision then. I live pretty far away from Davis and would have to commute, so the money will be a big factor. Hope this helps, and good luck with the rest of your cycle!

- jdclassof2017
  • Monday, April 14 2014 at 02:05 PM

Thanks jdclass, best of luck to you too on making your decision. I'm still waiting to hear back from UC Davis and I really hope I get in, maybe I'll see you there next year.

- phanieldung

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