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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Boston College graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
University of Virginia graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
University of Pennsylvania graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
6 Washington and Lee University graph Pending -- -- -- -- --
4 University of Maryland graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- --
Temple University graph Pending -- -- -- -- --
1 Georgetown University PT graph Pending -- -- -- -- --
3 College of William and Mary graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- --
5 Cardozo-Yeshiva University graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- --
2 George Washington University PT graph Pending -- -- -- -- --
Boston University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
American University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --

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Extra Curricular Information

Research Associate / Editor 12/03 present
Currently co-writing a volume of essays on psychology of political violence, aggression and self-destructiveness of Russian political extremists; to be published in March 2005
Researched and co-authored published papers on Stalin and Lenin
Created presentation materials for lectures on Dostoevsky, Bruno Bettelheim and Gorky

Progressive Government Cambridge, MA
Appointee Tracker and Policy Watcher 09/03 present
Track and research presidential appointees to the executive branch
Monitor web sites, press releases and news stories as they apply to a particular agency within the federal government
Conduct research and write weekly briefs and issue papers for the websites audience

Lots of Work experience
Worked 30 hours through school
Recent immigrant/Great PS and Great LOR



MS Office Suite, SAP Financial module, SPSS, PeopleSoft, In-source
Russian fluent; French speaking, reading and writing; German speaking

Visitor Comments

  • Privet Zhenya!

Privet Zhenya!! Spasibo chto napisala :) ya Marianna, ochen' priyatno "poznakomitsya". Ya jivu v Tehase, tak hochu ot suda uehat. Ya toje govoryu po boyfriend Belgiets. A skaji pojaluista, skol'ko tebe let? Jelayu vsego samogo luchshego s Kapgo3o..nadeyus' tebya tam uvidet. Which is your #1 choice?

- xony
  • Privet

Good luck v Cardozo! Horoshaya shkola i nahoditsya v klassnom meste ryadom s Union Sq. Udachi...

- leonmi
  • Jooooorik!!

Ti gde propala? Ya ne ponyala..ti postupila v Cardozo?? (leonmi says so). Otvet', hotelos' bi imet russkogovoryashih druzei v New Yorke. Good luck tebe. I gave you my email, keep in touch!

- xony
  • Pneski spatzeern

ti gde propale ftratuski? khana malakana puski. yabadaaba dooski!? tehase... tehaaase.. askhi gyeghi Wahhhh ten new yokskivich!

- Ruski
  • Приве&#109

Я тоже в списке запасных везде.

- L84aD8
  • Мерси

Спасибо за комплименты. Я живу в Лос Анжелесе. Приехал из Москвы сто лет назад. Что буду делать на юрфаке еще не знаю - наверное списывать у отличников.


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