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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
1 Harvard University graph Rejected 11/19/16 11/21/16 11/23/16 03/14/17 4 years
7 University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Waitlisted 11/19/16 11/21/16 12/08/16 03/17/17 4 years
2 University of Virginia F graph Accepted 11/21/16 11/22/16 11/22/16 03/07/17 4 years
9 Vanderbilt University F graph Accepted $90,000 11/19/16 11/21/16 11/21/16 01/16/17 4 years
8 Northwestern University F graph Waitlisted 11/19/16 11/21/16 12/05/16 03/02/17 4 years
3 University of Chicago graph Waitlisted 11/19/16 11/21/16 12/01/16 02/13/17 4 years
6 Georgetown University F graph Waitlisted 11/19/16 11/20/16 11/21/16 02/10/17 4 years
5 University of Pennsylvania F graph Waitlisted 11/19/16 11/19/16 11/22/16 01/23/17 4 years
11 Ohio State University F graph Accepted $89,000 11/19/16 11/20/16 11/23/16 12/02/16 4 years
10 Columbia University graph Pending 11/19/16 11/21/16 12/01/16 -- 4 years
4 Duke University F graph Waitlisted 11/19/16 11/20/16 11/21/16 11/29/16 4 years

Applicant Information

Miami University of Ohio
Social Studies Education/ Thea
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

Caucasian & Korean
In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Fully Employed by the Government over the Summer
Part Time Employment by the University
Weekly Volunteer/ Teacher at a Church for last three years
President of University Education Organization
Active Participant in University Theater Productions


Nov. 19th: Apps in at all schools but UVA. Penn receives App.

Nov. 20th: Georgetown and Duke Receive App.

Nov. 21st: App sent into UVA. Apps Received at all school except UVA. Priority Track app complete at Duke. Regular App complete at G'town. Interviews needed for Northwestern and Vandy.

Nov. 22nd: App received at UVA. Under Review at UVA & Duke. App complete at Penn.

Nov. 23rd:App complete OSU & Harvard

Nov. 29th: received an email with a spot on the waitlist at Duke, disappointed but not unexpected.

Dec. 1st: Apps complete everywhere but NW, had an alumni interview for Vanderbilt.

Dec. 2nd: Completed online interview with NW. Received call from OSU with my acceptance, scholarship package on its way in the mail.

Dec. 5th: went under committee review at Penn.

Dec. 8th: App Completed at Michigan

Dec. 9th: Received scholarship information from OSU. Full tuition for three years, approximately $89,000. Very grateful but still waiting to hear back from everywhere else.

Dec. 19: under review at Chicago

Dec. 22: under committee review 2 at Penn

Jan. 13th: Interview request from Georgetown Received

Jan. 16th: Admitted to Vanderbilt law via Email. Also received an email from Michigan telling me not to worry my application is still under review.

Jan. 23rd: Discouraged to hear I was waitlisted an Penn. A long shot I know but I wanted it.

Jan. 27 Alumni Interview For Georgetown

Feb. 10: Waitlisted at Georgetown.

Feb 13: Waitlisted Chicago

Feb 27- March 4: Toured Law Schools for spring break, Visited UVA, Georgetown, Penn, Columbia, & Michigan

March 2: Waitlisted at Northwester, 90,000 Scholarship email from Vanderbilt

March 7: In at UVA off status checker. No Email.

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