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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Boston University graph Accepted 09/01/20 09/02/20 09/03/20 12/02/20 1 day
University of Georgia graph Accepted $59,682 09/02/20 09/04/20 09/04/20 09/11/20 17 days
University of Alabama graph Accepted $126,540 09/01/20 09/01/20 09/08/20 11/16/20 17 days
Penn State University (Dickinson) F graph Accepted $152,940 08/30/20 -- -- 11/11/20 22 days
University of Virginia graph Pending 09/08/20 09/08/20 09/18/20 -- 28 days
Georgetown University graph Accepted 09/08/20 09/08/20 09/15/20 11/06/20 28 days
George Mason University graph Accepted $122,220 09/01/20 09/02/20 09/04/20 10/26/20 1 month
University of Texas Austin graph Accepted 09/08/20 09/09/20 09/09/20 10/23/20 1 month
George Washington University graph Accepted $150,000 09/01/20 09/02/20 09/02/20 10/07/20 1 month
Arizona State University graph Accepted $141,906 08/10/20 08/10/20 08/12/20 08/21/20 3 months
Baylor University graph Accepted $194,832 07/24/20 07/27/20 07/27/20 07/31/20 4 months

Applicant Information

Texas A&M University
Econ / Int'l Studies
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

-Founded student chapter of human rights non-profit at my undergrad, served as its president for two years
-Summer research internship at a senior service college
-Volunteered with immigration non-profit helping teach English for immigrants to the US
-Worked as an undergraduate TA for one semester


6/5/2020 - LSAT Flex score released. I got a 170!

7/31/2020 - Accepted to Baylor with a full tuition scholarship.

8/21/2020 - Accepted to Arizona State with an option to enroll through O'Connor Honors Porgram, which includes full tuition and fees (including increases), waived seat deposit, and invitations to special events as a student.

9/11/2020 - Accepted to Georgia. Scholarship information not immediately provided in acceptance email. UGA gives scholarships to admitted students at a later date.

10/7/2020 - Accepted to GWU! 40 minutes after acceptance email, they sent another email stating that I was being offered $150,000 merit scholarship.

10/7/2020 - Completed University of Texas's virtual interview.

10/23/2020 - Completed group interview with GULC's Dean Cornblatt. Really friendly guy and great group of fellow applicants!

10/23/2020 - What a day! Got a call from Dean Farnsworth saying that I have been accepted to UT Austin Law! Email in a few hours will contain acceptance letter and details.

10/26/2020 - Email acceptance to GMU's Scalia Law School! Scholarship of $40,740/year. Further details to come in the mail.

11/6/2020 - Acceptance email from Georgetown! Nice video message from Dean Cornblatt included.

11/11/2020 - Acceptance email from Penn State! Again, I applied to Penn State University Park, NOT Dickinson. LSN only has Dickinson listed in their system for some reason. Offered full tuition scholarship.

11/16/2020 - Accepted at Alabama with full tuition! I've been excited about this one. Dean of Admissions called today to let me know, so pumped!

11/16/2020 - University of Georgia notified me of my scholarship offer today. I first received a tuition equalization scholarship to bring my tuition rate to that of a Georgia resident. On top of that was a full tuition scholarship.

12/2/2020 - Received a call from Assistant Dean of Admissions at Boston University; I'm in at BU! Additional information to come in admissions packet through snail mail.

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