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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Vanderbilt University graph Rejected 01/18/17 -- -- 05/03/17 1 year
Washington and Lee University F graph Accepted A $120,000 01/16/17 -- -- 02/14/17 1 year
University of Georgia F graph Accepted W $40,548 01/30/17 -- -- 02/02/17 1 year
Boston College F graph Rejected 02/21/17 -- -- -- 1 year
College of William and Mary F graph Waitlisted 01/16/17 -- -- 03/28/17 1 year
University of Miami F graph Accepted W $120,000 01/16/17 -- -- 01/18/17 1 year
Tulane University F graph Accepted W $90,000 01/24/17 -- -- 02/08/17 1 year
American University F graph Accepted W $105,000 01/18/17 -- -- 02/03/17 1 year
Wake Forest University F graph Accepted W $90,000 01/30/17 -- -- -- 1 year
University of Richmond F graph Accepted W $105,000 01/16/17 -- -- 02/09/17 1 year
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill F graph Accepted W $36,000 01/31/17 -- -- 03/09/17 1 year
University of Alabama F graph Waitlisted 01/16/17 -- -- -- 1 year
Boston University F graph Rejected 01/19/17 -- -- 03/15/17 1 year
Emory University graph Waitlisted 01/18/17 -- -- 03/14/17 1 year
Washington University in St Louis F graph Waitlisted 01/16/17 -- -- 03/14/17 1 year
George Washington University graph Rejected 01/22/17 -- -- 02/14/17 1 year

Applicant Information

Jacksonville State University
Political Science
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

1-2 Years

Extra Curricular Information

I served in several leadership positions in my fraternity, including President.

I served as VP of Judicial Affairs for my university's Interfraternal Council.

I worked throughout the majority of my time in college.

I currently work as a paralegal for a law firm.

I have strong experience volunteering.


Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or would like to provide helpful advice!

I was notified by a voicemail from Miami. The Scholarship is over three years.

I was notified by an email from Georgia. They offered me a tuition equalization scholarship of $18,048 for my first year, and they offered me an additional merit scholarship of $7,500 per year for all three years.

I was notified by an email from American University. They offered me a $105,000 scholarship.

I was notified by an email from Tulane. They offered me $90,000 over three years.

I received a phone call from the Associate Dean of Admissions at the University of Richmond letting me know that I was accepted. I received an email in early March awarding me a $105,000 merit scholarship.

Rejected by George Washington by email. I wasn't surprised because it was a reach school for me, and it's nice to get the first rejection out of the way.

Accepted to Washington and Lee by email. Scholarship letter arrived by mail on February 24th. Scholarship was increased in March.

Accepted to Wake Forest by email, with scholarship information included.

Accepted to UNC by email. I received another email informing me that I was awarded a merit scholarship.

Visitor Comments

  • Tuesday, March 28 2017 at 01:06 PM

Hi! When you received notice of admission to UNC, did the email with the merit scholarship come right after?

- glem888
  • UNC
  • Tuesday, March 28 2017 at 01:54 PM

I received the emails within 15 minutes of each other. Hope that helps and good luck!

- jtlusk

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