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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Rutgers State University Newark graph Accepted A $30,000 -- -- -- -- 3 years
New York Law School graph Accepted -- -- -- -- 4 years
St. John's University graph Pending -- -- -- -- 4 years
College of William and Mary graph Pending -- -- -- -- 4 years
Brooklyn Law School graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- 4 years
Cardozo-Yeshiva University graph Accepted -- -- -- -- 4 years
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- 4 years
Indiana University Bloomington graph Accepted $75,000 -- -- -- -- 4 years
Fordham University PT graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- 4 years

Applicant Information

Political Science
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

New York
3-4 Years

Extra Curricular Information

- Good softs (various legal internships, working at a law firm, interesting NY related ties/experiences)
- Summa Cum Laude
- Great Great Great recommendation letters.
- Unique personal story
- I am not an URM, just a regular kid from New York
- Attached LSAT addendum, diversity statement


Given my background, I am definitely over-performing in terms of acceptances. I applied early in the term, sometime in November. I also have an unique personal story to tell, along with great recommendation letters. I will reveal about myself and events when I wrap up this cycle.

I have taken the LSAT multiple times, but I really couldn't raise it. It is what it is, no but's and if's. Time to move on, not looking back. Onward and Upward.

Hope this helps ya'll. I got a lot of help from TLS and LSN, and I would like to give back. Good luck.

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  • Monday, March 20 2017 at 09:59 PM

Interested to see where you get in! Goodluck!

- samiib3
  • question
  • Monday, May 01 2017 at 01:12 PM

i have lsat score of 141 and a gpa of 3.3 i got wait listed for yeshvia and i have excellent experiences interning at the state attorney general office working on fraud cases and on numerous other things do you have suggestions on what i should do? yeshvia is my dream school

- masaaved
  • Sunday, June 25 2017 at 03:53 PM

Hi there, congrats on Rutgers! I was just wondering when you applied, I got waitlisted back in May and applied in October so I was just wondering! Thanks!

- melismaddict

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