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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Georgetown University graph Rejected 12/11/19 12/25/19 01/06/20 -- 7 months
Columbia University graph Rejected 01/05/20 -- -- -- 7 months
Indiana University Bloomington graph Waitlisted 12/10/19 01/06/20 01/06/20 -- 7 months
Southern Methodist University graph Pending -- -- -- -- 8 months
University of Hawaii graph Accepted $5,000 -- -- -- -- 8 months
Case Western Reserve University F graph Accepted $41,000 01/06/20 01/06/20 -- 02/20/20 8 months
University of Cincinnati graph Accepted $17,600 12/12/19 12/13/19 01/06/20 02/11/20 8 months
Northwestern University graph Rejected 12/13/19 12/25/19 01/06/20 02/20/20 8 months
Cornell University graph Rejected 01/05/20 -- 01/10/20 01/22/20 9 months
University of Denver graph Accepted $27,000 -- -- -- -- 9 months
George Washington University graph Rejected 12/10/19 01/25/20 01/06/20 -- 9 months
St. Louis University graph Accepted $36,000 -- -- -- -- 9 months
Charleston School of Law graph Accepted $32,500 -- -- -- -- 9 months
University of Kentucky graph Accepted $24,000 12/12/19 12/25/19 01/13/20 01/27/20 9 months
Stetson University graph Accepted $37,000 12/13/19 12/25/19 01/06/20 01/23/20 9 months
University of Colorado Boulder graph Waitlisted 12/12/19 12/12/19 01/05/20 01/16/20 10 months
Ohio State University graph Pending 01/05/20 -- -- -- 10 months
University of Nebraska Lincoln F graph Accepted $21,000 01/05/20 01/09/20 -- -- 10 months

Applicant Information

Indiana University
Economics & Spanish Linguistic
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

West Harrison
In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

- D1 Varsity Rowing 2016-2018
- Women in Economics Club Member


- Double major in Economics and Spanish Linguistics
- Minor in Psychology
- Transferred from Clemson University to Indiana University after Fall 2017 semester
- Spring 2018 had my first semester at IU and it was REALLY bad... like I got a D and a C-... Ended up retaking the D class and got a B+... still not great.
- junior and senior year, only have gotten A & B range stuff
- only took the LSAT once

- 1/09/20 received a call from the admissions office today from the U. of Nebraska. Accepted into the school and offered $21,000ish in scholarship that is renewable each year as long as a C average is maintained.
- 1/15/20 waitlisted by Penn State U. and accepted position on the waitlist
- 1/16/20 waitlisted by U. of Colorado Boulder and accepted waitlist position... kind of getting annoyed by these waitlist things... I guess my scores aren't good enough?
- 1/22/20 received a rejection email from Cornell. Totally saw this coming... kinda just applied to the T14 schools for the hell of it. Def not banking on any of them.
- 1/23/20 received an acceptance letter from Stetson today via email! They're offering me $37,000 each year which is so crazy. Totally something to consider when making my decision.
- 1/27/20 got an email from UK offering admission and a nice scholarship. They're my top choice at the moment, considering they're close to home.
- 2/03/20 Stetson's Director of Admissions sent me a handwritten note of congratulations. Such a nice gesture. I think I'll try to visit their campus when I am in Florida for Spring Break.
- 2/04/20 Nebraska sent me a Starbucks gift card which is nice. This application stuff is weird.
- 2/04/20 Charleston called me today to tell me I have been accepted. I received an email a few hours later offering funding. I think SC is beautiful, but I'm not too impressed by their rankings and reputation. I need to research them more.
- 2/07/20 Accepted to U. of Denver. They're giving me 27K but I still don't want to pay that much difference. Their school is pretty expensive and I am not going for any debt!!
- 2/07/20 U. of Cincinnati emailed an acceptance letter today! Excited about this opportunity because it would mean I'd be home. They're sending scholarship information via snail mail so I'm waiting on that. They said it should arrive within 10 days.
- 2/12/20 SURPSISE SURPRISE!!! Rejected by GW lol
- 2/14/20 toured U. Cincinnati and actually really liked it! They have some super cool programs and their staff are great. Also v nice tour guides. Offered me a nice scholarship too!!
- 2/19/20 accepted to Case on a Business Law scholarship... thanks Econ BA. But yeah they're a great school and are giving me tons of money and books. That's pretty cool!!
- 2/20/20 rejected by Northwestern but that's fine... WHY DID I APPLY TO SO MANY SCHOOLS

Visitor Comments

  • Sunday, February 23 2020 at 08:16 PM

Hey, it looks like we're almost in the same boat. I'm dying to hear back from Case... is your scholarship number per year?!

- bauman01
  • Friday, April 03 2020 at 02:00 PM

Congrats on all of your acceptances. I also applied to SLU. Did you apply regular program or also apply for the Summer program? How were you accepted and did your status ever change from the "decision made, letter to follow shortly" status? Thanks!

- Red_Bird

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