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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
American University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
2 Northeastern University graph Accepted -- -- -- -- --
Santa Clara University graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- --
University of California Hastings graph Intend to Apply -- -- -- -- --
University of Chicago graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
University of Michigan Ann Arbor graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
University of Pennsylvania graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
University of San Diego graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
University of Hawaii graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
Harvard University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
2 Cornell University graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- --
University of Southern California graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
Yale University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
1 University of California Berkeley graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
1 Columbia University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
1 New York University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
1 Northwestern University graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- --
Boston University graph Intend to Apply -- -- -- -- --
2 CUNY Queens College graph Accepted -- -- -- -- --
Fordham University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
Georgetown University graph Rejected -- -- -- -- --
Golden Gate University graph Intend to Apply -- -- -- -- --
Pace University graph Accepted -- -- -- -- --
University of San Francisco graph Accepted -- -- -- -- --

Applicant Information

Public SUNY
Pol.Sci./Lang.& Cult

Demographic Information

New York

Extra Curricular Information

Fluent - English/Spanish
Intermediate Conversation/Reading and Writing: French and Mandarin Chinese
Beginner - Arabic and Esperanto

Dancer: Mambo dancer in dance company
Peruvian folkloric dancer
Singer: Peruvian folkloric singer/Jazz fusion
Miss Peru Belleza Latina 2003
Miss New York Belleza Latina 2004
Lots of activities during undergrad including Resident Assistant, NYPIRG, Latinos Unidos (VicePres of Finance).
Volunteer in legal department of My Sister's Place, a non profit org dedicated to providing services for victims of domestic violence.
English Teacher in China (Summer of 2004)
Undergrad research in Peru for undergrad thesis on Chinese community in Peru.
Member of Association of Passenger Service Agents/Communication Workers of America Local 6001, Organic Consumers Association, Latin American Studies Association
Will update further...


Will Update but here some acceptance info:

Northwestern: First to reply!! Email allowing access to status; Waitlisted. This is an honor to me!! i hope I can woo them in the meantime!

Northeastern: Acceptance letter came in the mail 3/21. But I had a clue when I received an email inviting me to an admitted students day in April. I kept my calm however, until I saw the actual letter.

Fordham: I just got curious tonight and went online to check status...DENIED. Expected and not disappointed because I just applied at the last minute, taking advantage of fee waiver.

Cornell: Placed on Reserve list! So excited!

UC Berkeley: Not surprised but disappointing nonetheless. Rejected. But I have to say, their rejection letter was very sympathetic and personal. It felt like they wrote me a personalized rejection letter, of course with the invitation to apply next year as a transfer.

Columbia: Rejected. Not surprised but disappointed anyway. Their rejection was standard, not as nice as Boalt Hall's.

NYU: Standard rejection letter.
Planning to take the June LSAT in efforts to get myself off the waiting lists at Cornell and Northwestern.

What else should I do??? Help!

Visitor Comments

  • Good Luck!

I wish you the best of luck on all your pendings and waitlists.

- harleygirl
  • Congrat & Thanks!

Congrats on USF! I understand San Francisco is a great area. In e-mailing some of their law school alumni, they truly enjoyed their experience at USF. I decided against USF because I really wanted to work in L.A. and after contacting some recuiters, I made the decsion to attend a lower tier school in L.A. Now, however, I have decided to not go to law school afterall. I sent back my waitlist reply to Loyola stating so. I came to the conclusion that at 35 years old, I really don't want to work my ass off for the next 3 years only to come out making under $100K and have at least that much in loans to pay back. If I was in my 20's, things would be different. Instead, I'm going to go into real estate. If you go to USF, your best job prospects would be in San Francisco so hopefully that's a place where you want to live for at least a few years after graduating. I hear it's a great town, very similar to NYC (I've never been to either city, that's just what I've been told). Good Luck to you!

- harleygirl

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