LSAT Preparation


A Guide to Free LSAT Preparation

LSAT Prep can be quite expensive. Live LSAT prep classes from popular test prep companies such as Kaplan or Princeton Review range in price from $1500-$2500, while online LSAT courses are around $600-$800. Simply purchasing LSAT study guide books for self study can also be expensive as a book or a series of books will cost anywhere from $40 to over $300. However, by doing some research and being a little creative, it is possible to find free LSAT prep materials. Here are a few ideas. Law School Admissions Council The Law School Admissions Council's website is a good source Read More +

The Top 10 LSAT Tips

LSAT Tip #1: Take the LSAT Early. The best time to take the LSAT is in February or June of the year prior to when you plan to enter law school. Many law schools accept applications beginning in early December and ending in February or March, and make admissions decisions on a rolling basis. Law schools will receive February and June LSAT scores early in the admission process, increasing your changes of being accepted. LSAT Tip #2: Prepare Early. It is best to start test preparation 8-12 weeks prior to the test date. This is not a college exam, so Read More +

LSAT Overview

The LSAT is designed to evaluate skills that are vital for success in law school and ultimately for success as a practicing attorney. Reading comprehension questions test your ability to read, understand and analyze complex text. Logical reasoning questions require you to analyze and critically evaluate the reasoning and arguments of others. The analytical reasoning section evaluates your ability to take a set of facts and use deductive reasoning to make inferences. Furthermore, the LSAT tests your ability to accomplish all of these tasks quickly and efficiently. As you prepare for the LSAT it is important to be able to Read More +

LSAT Test Costs and Fees

Taking the LSAT and applying to law school is not an inexpensive endeavor. In addition to the fee that the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) charges for registering for the LSAT test, there are significant costs associated with preparing for the exam. The good news is that you may be able to get some of these costs reduced. Currently, the "basic fee" for taking the LSAT is $160. However, there are several potential "auxiliary" fees. For example, if you register late, you will have to pay an additional $69. If you need to change your LSAT test location after registration, Read More +

The LSAT Exam Explained

The LSAT is divided into 6 sections: 2 sections of Logical Reasoning questions, 1 section of Reading Comprehension questions, 1 section of Analytical Reasoning questions, 1 experimental section, and 1 Writing Sample. Each of the first 5 sections is made up of multiple choice questions. You are given 35 minutes to complete each section. The Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning sections are each scored. Analytical Reasoning The Analytical Reasoning section, commonly referred to as the "logic games" section, evaluates your ability to take a set of facts and use deductive reasoning to make inferences. The Analytical Reasoning Section Read More +

Registering for the LSAT

The LSAT is offered 4 times a year: February, June, October and December. In determining which date to select, there are several factors to consider. The most critical factor is the application windows of all the schools to which you plan to apply. The application window is the period between the date that the law school will begin accepting applications and the last date it will accept applications. This window is critical, and more important than the application deadline, because law school admissions as well as financial aid awards are considered on a rolling basis. In other words, the applicant Read More +