The Best LSAT Prep Apps

There are now dozens of apps to help with LSAT preparation. While they are not a substitution for other study methods and materials, many conveniently provide help in areas not covered by traditional classroom LSAT prep courses or self study prep books. For example, LSAT Arcade by Manhattan LSAT is a fun and interactive way to supplement your studying. LSAT Words by Malyshev Edusys focuses on helping students learn vocabulary words commonly found on the LSAT. Other apps are more comprehensive, offering thousands of test questions and lessons to help students master each question type. Here is a rundown on 7 popular apps.

LSAT Arcade by Manhattan LSAT ($2.99)
LSAT Arcade increases your skills through fast-paced games. Designed by Manhattan LSAT’s expert instructors and based on years of experience with the type of thinking that makes LSAT students succeed, these games go beyond simple LSAT practice—this is LSAT cross-training. Enjoyable and reasonably priced, LSAT Arcade is a great way improve you ability to make inferences, draw diagrams, analyze arguments, and understand conditional statements.

LSAT Prep by Konnect, L.L.C. ($7.990
The content for this interactive app is from Master the LSAT by NOVA Press. Features include a comprehensive analysis of released LSAT questions with all correct and incorrect answers explained, 5 timed practice LSAT exams with explanations of answers, and interactive lessons that include logic games, reading comprehension passages and LSAT arguments. Android version available.

LSAT # by Arcadia Prep, Inc. (Free)
This app includes the 2011 practice tests from the Law School Admissions Council. It allows users to view videos of instructors from LSAT Freedom explain each question and answer from the practice tests. The app also includes a step-by-step Strategy Guide presented by an instructor who scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT. Apple version available.

LSAT Exam Review by Test Assassin ($1.50)
The LSAT Exam Review is a flash card review app with over 300 detailed flashcards covering logical reasoning, reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, vocabulary and more. It even allows users to create and store custom flashcards. Android version available.

LSAT Words by Malyshev Edusys ($0.99)
This app is designed to specifically help users learn vocabulary words that are often used on the LSAT. It provides definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and examples of each word used in a sentence. If you do not know how to pronounce a word, press the "speak" button and the app will say the word. Apple version available.

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