Ten Best LSAT Practice Tests

Completing LSAT practice tests is an important part of preparing for the LSAT. Practice tests will help prepare you for answering questions under time constraints and condition your mind and body for the rigors of taking the 4-hour test LSAT on test day. Almost all LSAT test prep companies offer LSAT practice tests that are actual LSAT exams released by the Law School Admissions Council. Many also develop their own practice LSAT tests. The key is to use practice tests that also offer detailed explanations of each answer. Here are 10 of the best resources for LSAT practice tests.

Free practice tests

1. Manhattan LSAT. Manhattan LSAT offers a free practice test to download, with which you can also download a free LSAT Proctor to help you mimic real test conditions, and a free LSAT Tracker so you can analyze your results.

2. Kaplan Test Prep. Kaplan offers free LSAT practice tests. They are administered live, under real, proctored LSAT exam conditions. Free online practice tests are also available. Each student receives a detailed score analysis of his or her test, including a section-by-section performance breakdown. Students also receive detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers for each question.

3. Princeton Review. The Princeton Review offers free live and online practice LSAT exams. Students receive a detailed performance report.

Practice tests you must purchase

4. Manhattan LSAT. Manhattan LSAT offers two practice test books through their LSAT INTERACT self-study program. Together, these two books contain 25 real and recent LSATs and come with interactive lessons from LSAT expert Noah Teitelbaum. The books are free when you sign up for a course.

5. Princeton Review Cracking the LSAT. The Princeton Review’s Cracking the LSAT test prep book includes 3 full-length LSAT practice tests. The tests are not official LSAT exams, but have been designed by The Princeton Review using the same sophisticated procedures and methods that the LSAC uses to design the LSAT. Each test is followed by detailed explanations of the answers.

6. McGraw-Hill’s LSAT 2013 Edition. McGraw-Hill’s test prep book contains 5 full-length LSAT practice tests followed by detailed explanations and answers.

7. PowerScore’s LSAT Deconstructed Series: Three LSATs Deconstructed. This book contains the released June, October, and December 2004 LSAT exams, along with a detailed explanation for each correct and incorrect answer.

8. Fox Test Prep’s Cheating the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Guide to a Real LSAT. Cheating the LSAT focuses on solely the October 2010 official LSAT. It includes the test and detailed explanations and analyses of each correct and incorrect answer. Fox Text Prep has also published books analyzing the December 2010 LSAT and the June 2011 LSAT. The author, Nathan Fox, scored a 179 on the February 2007 test.

9. Barron’s LSAT with CD-ROM. Barron’s LSAT test prep book includes 5 LSAT practice tests. Two of the tests are official LSATs, while the other 3 were developed by Barron’s. There is a detailed analyses for each question in each test. It also includes strategies for the Writing Sample. The CD-ROM has 2 additional tests with automatic scoring.

10. Law School Admissions Council. The Law School Admissions Council published 3 released LSAT exams in the Official LSAT SuperPrep. It includes PrepTests from February 1996, February 1999, and February 2000, along with explanations, plus sample Comparative Reading questions and explanations. Additional released exams are published in LSAC’s Official LSAT PrepTests book series. However, they do not include explanations of the answers.

One of the greatest benefits of taking practice LSATs is to determine the question types for which you need additional practice. Each time you take a practice test you should carefully analyze your correct and incorrect answers to make sure you understand your errors and your correct choices. Then, as you work through practice questions, devote additional time to question types that you missed on the practice tests. As you progress through your study schedule and educate yourself on question types and strategies using the resources you have chosen (strategy guides, coursework, etc.), you should see an improvement in your practice test scores.


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