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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Cornell University graph Rejected 10/24/16 10/27/16 10/31/16 01/09/17 11 days
Vanderbilt University F graph Waitlisted 11/01/16 11/01/16 11/02/16 01/04/17 16 days
University of Minnesota Twin Cities F graph Accepted $120,000 10/20/16 10/21/16 11/01/16 11/17/16 17 days
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Accepted 11/01/16 11/02/16 11/16/16 12/16/16 1 month
University of Notre Dame F graph Accepted 11/01/16 11/02/16 11/03/16 12/08/16 1 month
Georgetown University graph Waitlisted 11/02/16 11/02/16 11/02/16 12/09/16 1 month
George Washington University F graph Accepted $105,000 10/24/16 10/25/16 10/26/16 11/29/16 1 month
Columbia University graph Pending 11/03/16 11/04/16 11/11/16 -- 2 months
New York University F graph Pending 11/01/16 11/01/16 11/07/16 -- 2 months
Duke University graph Pending 11/03/16 11/04/16 11/04/16 -- 3 months
University of Chicago graph Pending 10/26/16 10/27/16 11/02/16 -- 3 months
Boston University graph Pending 11/01/16 11/02/16 11/02/16 -- 3 months
University of Virginia F graph Pending 11/01/16 11/02/16 11/02/16 -- 3 months
Stanford University graph Pending 10/26/16 10/27/16 11/01/16 -- 3 months
Harvard University graph Pending 10/26/16 10/27/16 11/01/16 -- 3 months
American University F graph Pending 10/11/16 10/12/16 10/31/16 -- 3 months
University of Pennsylvania F graph Pending 10/26/16 10/26/16 10/31/16 -- 3 months
Northwestern University F graph Pending 10/26/16 10/27/16 10/27/16 -- 3 months
Yale University graph Intend to Apply -- -- -- -- 3 months

Applicant Information

Stony Brook University (SUNY)
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

New York
In Undergrad

Extra Curricular Information

Linguistics Major,
International Studies Minor;
Pre-Law Society,
Phi Alpha Delta,
Mock Trial Team;
Internship at the Center for Cost Effective Government;
Several years volunteer experience teaching religious education;
2 Recommendations, from a political science professor and a linguistics professor;
1 Recommendation from the president of the Center for Cost Effective Government, whom I interned with directly, as a letter specifically for a public policy scholarship at NYU.


Low GPA is because I spent almost 3 years at college as a physics major before switching to linguistics. I have added an addendum to all applications explaining this, pointing to my high GPA in my major (Linguistics) and my high LSAT score.

Original GPA was 3.20 when I started applying.

Scholarships are in terms of total dollar amount for the entire three-year period offered.

2/16 - Decided to attend law school. Started doing research into law school admissions.

3/16/16 - Took my first practice LSAT, timed. Started self-studying.

4/11/16-5/19/16 - Studied regularly with 2-4 tests a week, every week. Practice problems during breaks at work. Full sections during breaks between classes. Three PowerScore Bibles.

5/20/16-6/5/16 - Studied full-time. Took 1-2 preptests a day, 6 days a week. All timed. Reviewed all of them same day.

6/6/16 - Took the LSAT.

6/28/16 - Got my LSAT score: 172.

9/14/16 - Spoke to one recommender. Finalized my list of schools to apply to.

9/23/16 - Got my second recommender. Requested my transcripts from Stony Brook.

9/24/16 - Had my digital interview with Northwestern. Let me just say: ten rounds of practice digital interviews wasn't nearly enough. It isn't always easy answering a law school interview question in exactly 60 seconds.

9/26/16 - Transcripts from Stony Brook received by LSAC. Submitted paperwork for Indiana Tech Law School to refund my LSAT and CAS fees ($350 total).

10/5/16 - Submitted my Indiana Tech application so they would pay me $350. (They refund the LSAT and CAS fees if you apply.)

10/7/16 - Indiana Tech called me and informed me I was accepted with a full ride and that they wanted to fly me out to visit the campus. Additionally, they informed me my reimbursement request for $350 was being processed and should be delivered in approximately 3 weeks.

10/11/16 - Submitted my application to American University.

10/15/16 - New York LSAC Law School Forum. Got to meet representatives from all schools on my list except Harvard, Columbia, and Chicago. No schools offered fee waivers other than those I had already received fee waivers from. Dean of Admissions from Yale Law, Asha Rangappa, reminded me that Yale's admissions decisions don't start until early 2017, so I am at no benefit to submit my application quickly if my grades will be higher after the fall semester. Will not be applying to Yale until January.

10/20/16 - Submitted my application to University of Minnesota.

10/24/16 - Submitted my applications to Cornell University and George Washington University.

10/25/16 - First recommender finally submitted his letter. Second one told me it might take a while longer.

10/26/16 - Submitted applications to UPenn, Chicago, Northwestern, Harvard, and Stanford.

10/27/16 - Interview with Vandy. Very relaxed, very informative, very easy.

10/30/16 - Second recommender finally submitted his letter.

11/1/16 - Submitted applications for Virginia, Michigan, Notre Dame, NYU, Vanderbilt, and Boston.

11/2/16 - Submitted application for Georgetown.

11/3/16 - Submitted applications for Duke and Columbia. Done with applications until the Fall semester grades come out.

11/7/16 - Under review at Duke and George Washington.

11/16/16 - Second "Under Review" at Duke.

11/17/16 - Second "Application Complete" at Notre Dame. In at UMN.

11/18/16 - Acceptance call from UMN director of admissions.

11/21/16 - Boston University status changed to "Hold for Fall Grades." Under Review at University of Chicago. Third "Application Complete" at Notre Dame.

11/28/16 - Fourth "Application Complete" at Notre Dame.

11/29/16 - In at George Washington with $35k/year via email.

12/1/16 - Submitted a scholarship application for Notre Dame (due Decmeber 1). Northwestern updated to "Application Complete" again.

12/2/16 - Ready for Review at Cornell.

12/5/16 - Under Committee Review at Penn.

12/7/16 - Second "Application Complete" at American University.

12/8/16 - Decision Made at Notre Dame.

12/9/16 - Waitlisted at Georgetown via email.

12/12/16 - Accepted to Notre Dame via email.

12/15/16 - Under Review at NYU.

12/16/16 - In at Michigan via email.

12/20/16 - Second "Under Committee Review" at Penn.

12/27/16 - Fall 2016 grades are up. Moved my LSAC GPA up from 3.20 to 3.30. Presumably, any acceptances starting in January should be based on my new GPA.

12/30/16 - Minnesota status checker says they mailed out scholarship information.

1/3/16 - Minnesota scholarship info arrived via snail mail. Dean's Distinguished Scholarship.

1/4/16 - Vanderbilt status changed to "Decision Mailed." Email from Vandy later in the day with decision.

1/6/16 - LSAC sent out my new transcript information to all schools. I sent out an addendum updating my previous addendum regarding my GPA (and every school I applied to emailed me back within a few days to confirm the receipt of my new addendum except American University).

1/9/16 - Boston University marked me Complete again (having received my fall grades). Rejected by Cornell.

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