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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Oregon F graph Accepted A $1 09/29/18 10/01/18 10/01/18 01/18/19 1 year
University of Montana graph Accepted W $57,000 09/29/18 10/01/18 10/01/18 12/17/18 2 years
University of Utah F graph Accepted W 09/29/18 10/01/18 10/03/18 12/13/18 2 years
Lewis and Clark College F graph Accepted W $72,000 10/01/18 10/02/18 10/02/18 12/21/18 2 years
Penn State University (Dickinson) F graph Rejected 09/29/18 10/01/18 10/01/18 12/20/18 2 years

Applicant Information

N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information


Extra Curricular Information

-Grades have been all A's after returning to college from 5-year hiatus, including 4.0 graduate degree.
-Non-profit law internships and in-depth academic studies through graduate research assistance positions.

I found this website helpful for planning where to apply, so I will be paying it forward with thorough details of my cycle.


1/18/19- Accepted via email. Scholarship info will come by Feb. 1.
1/29/19- Received the admissions packet in the mail. Pretty nice packaging and a couple nice letters.
1/29/19- Received great scholarship offer (33k/year, 75%) via email. Only condition is a 2.5 GPA

Lewis and Clark
11/20/18- Received invite for optional interview via email.
11/28/18- Had phone interview.
12/21/18- Accepted via email. Short and sweet. Look to packet in mail.
12/26/18- Got admissions packet. Unconditional scholarship offer included (24k/year, 50%), plus a bunch of extra info about Portland. Fancy packaging.

12/13/18- Accepted via phone call. Scholarship info to come in January.
12/17/18- Received admission packet. Came with nice socks.
3/14/19- Sent an email inquiring about scholarship and learned I was not selected to receive a first-round merit scholarship. Officially withdrew.

12/17/18- Accepted via email. Scholarship info to come by the end of January.
12/21/18- Received admission info in the mail. Pretty straightforward.
1/16/19- Received a phone call from a faculty member to answer any questions and entice me to visit, and ultimately attend Montana Law.
1/17/19- Offered $12,000/year conditional scholarship via email. I must maintain a 2.7 GPA through the first year. Underwhelmed by this offer.
1/31/19- Got an unsolicited scholarship increase to $19,000/year(Approx. 60%) with the same conditions as the first offer.

PSU-University Park
12/20/18- Rejected via status checker. Surprised by this. Also, this application was for University Park, not Dickinson.

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  • Congrats!
  • Friday, December 28 2018 at 11:20 PM

Congrats on all of your acceptances, especially Montana! Wish you the greatest of luck in your studies, would you say applying earlier helped? My GPA is about the same as yours, haven't taken the LSAT yet, but plan to Apply Early 2019. Did you self study for the LSAT? take a prep course? I can PM as well if its too any questions, Thanks!

- Calebmathews94

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