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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Chapman University F graph Accepted $50,050 02/07/16 02/07/16 02/09/16 02/18/16 4 years
Western State University graph Accepted $42,000 02/07/16 02/12/16 02/15/16 02/19/16 4 years
Whittier Law School graph Accepted $42,000 02/07/16 02/12/16 02/15/16 02/26/16 4 years
University of Southern California graph Pending 01/17/16 -- 01/20/16 -- 4 years
University of California Irvine graph Pending 01/17/16 -- 01/20/16 -- 4 years

Applicant Information


Demographic Information

10+ Years

Extra Curricular Information

Lived 10 years overseas
Owned successful market research company for 10 years
Bilingual (Italian)
Completed paralegal cert. program with 4.0
Strong LORs
Professor recommendation (current Dpty AG of LA)


Will be writing addendum for undergrad GPA
Will be writing a diversity essay to cover both being an older student and living overseas independently and as a military brat.
Each of the scholarships is renewable after the first year with conditions regarding GPA (at Chapman and Western) or class standing (top 5% at Whittier retains 100% scholarship)

Visitor Comments

  • Scholarship contingency
  • Monday, February 08 2016 at 11:50 PM

Yes, my Chapman scholarship stipulates a 2.9 1L GPA and 3.0 for 2L and 3L which is why I am shying away from them. I called and asked what percentage of their students receive a 2.9 or above and she did not give me a straightforward answer and really beat around the bush when it came to my questions about scholarship retention.

- kamronabedi
  • Monday, February 08 2016 at 11:50 PM

good luck with your cycle! hopefully you will get into USC or UCI and Chapman will not even have to cross your mind!

- kamronabedi
  • Friday, February 12 2016 at 09:05 PM

Thanks, kamronabedi, for getting back to me. I was curious about their scholarship retention numbers too, couldn't find anything online regarding stats on them. I have a friend who dropped out of Chapman first semester b/c he didn't find it to be the rosy environment he was led to believe. But...I don't think any law school can be, really.

- oneforlaw
  • Good luck!
  • Tuesday, February 16 2016 at 04:42 PM

What's your first choice?

- socaljd
  • Thanks!
  • Saturday, February 27 2016 at 07:03 PM

I haven't heard from UCI or USC yet, though I am not holding out a whole lot of hope as my numbers are out of range for them both. I am going on the Chapman weekend and will find out more about the conditions of their scholarships and the likelihood of retaining one.

- oneforlaw
  • scholarship retention
  • Wednesday, March 16 2016 at 05:41 PM

I found this with information on most law school scholarship retention rates. hope it helps

- cberthelsen85

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