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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Washington University in St Louis F graph Accepted A $150,000 -- -- -- 12/13/16 12 months
Cornell University F graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- 12 months
University of Michigan Ann Arbor F graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- 12 months
University of Virginia F graph Rejected -- -- -- -- 12 months
Vanderbilt University F graph WL, Accepted $75,000 -- -- -- -- 12 months
Northwestern University F graph Waitlisted -- -- -- -- 1 year
Emory University F graph Accepted $120,000 -- -- -- -- 1 year
University of Texas Austin graph Accepted $75,000 -- -- -- 12/09/16 1 year
University of California Los Angeles F graph Accepted -- -- -- 12/21/16 1 year
Duke University F graph Waitlisted -- -- 11/09/16 11/18/16 1 year

Applicant Information

Political Science
N/A out of N/A

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1-2 Years

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  • Sunday, January 29 2017 at 03:22 PM

Did you get a Dean's Fellowship at WUSTL? And for UT Austin did you get in-state tuition AND 63k?

- PrayingSoHard
  • Reflection
  • Saturday, July 29 2017 at 02:40 PM

I used to be obsessed with this website before I had taken the LSAT; calculating what score I needed to get into T14, top 20, get money/ full rides to here or there etc. So I've updated it as accurately as possibly to help future wannabes like me just starting their journey. The biggest thing I realized is, with a GPA below 3.5, you can't expect much from the T14 no matter how well you do on the LSAT, I got waitlisted by every single T14 except VA who rejected me months after an exploratory phone call. There are exceptions of course, particularly if you're a urm. That said, a near full ride to Wash U, which actually had better numbers this year than Texas, who stiffed me on money comparatively, the new, vogue (and mocked) 14th ranked school according to US news, is about as good as i could have reasonably expected to do and I am very very content. I chose not to ride out all the lemming T14 waitlists, not going more than 100k into total debt was one of my goals from the beginning, so even if I slipped in in July or August I would in all likelihood not receive any money beyond a possible pittance and graduate 200k in debt or so and would turn that offer down anyhow. I am truly flabbergasted by the number of students happy to graduate with 200k+ debt if it means they get to attend a t14 school. They do realize one third of the class WILL gradaute at the bottom of the class and not make a salary that they could ever hope to pay that kind of money off even in 20 years? Making top two thirds is, while obviously probable, still not guaranteed and every year hundreds of students will find themselves in that predicament; that's quite the gamble. My greatest regret is not sticking with a single major in college (I double majored) and homing in on easy classes for a higher gpa. A 3.62 instead of my 3.42 would have made all the difference. That said, given my numbers going in, very happy, and appreciative of Wash U's generous offer. Definitely would recommend anyone with a relatively lower gpa and higher end lsat apply to them because they love folks like that and will show the dough.

- pzig

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