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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Washington University in St Louis F graph Waitlisted W 10/10/18 10/15/18 02/19/19 02/19/19 5 months
University of Denver F graph Accepted W $152,000 09/19/18 -- -- 11/21/18 5 months
University of Minnesota Twin Cities F graph Accepted W $153,000 09/27/18 09/27/18 -- 11/27/18 5 months
University of Washington F graph Accepted W 10/10/18 -- -- 12/14/18 5 months
University of Colorado Boulder F graph Accepted W $60,000 10/01/18 10/08/18 10/08/18 11/08/18 5 months
Arizona State University F graph Accepted A $1 09/19/18 09/20/18 09/24/18 09/24/18 5 months

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N/A out of N/A

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Extra Curricular Information

Americorps. Education background. College debate champ. Strong LORs.


9/24: In at ASU with $$ via phone call

10/19: Attended ASU's Admitted Students' Day, and I'm a little bit in love. I have the option to switch my application to ED for more $, which is persuasive, but I want to get a few more offers before I pull that particular trigger.

11/8: In at CU Boulder by email, admissions materials coming via snail mail.
**No scholarship info in Boulder's mail :(

11/21: Offered Sturm Scholarship ($$$$) to Denver via email

11/27: Admitted to Minnesota via phone call. They're sending more info in the mail, hoping this means Admittens.

11/28: Full ride to Minnesota! Woot woot!

11/30: Visit to CU Boulder. Pro tip-- Don't go right before finals.

12/14: Admitted to UW.

12/20: (ish) Boulder Scholly info.

1/24: UMN Visit. PSA, they give out hats that match the admittens if you visit. (I did get admittens BTW).

2/4: Successful scholly reconsideration with ASU. About 20% increase.

2/19: Waitlist at WUSTL. No surprises there.

2/20: Committed to ASU. Switched my app to binding ED, which raised my scholarship another 12ish%. Total scholly increase from ASU a bit less than 40% from the initial offer. I'm psyched.

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