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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
5 University of Tulsa graph Accepted 01/25/05 -- 02/02/05 02/24/05 --
6 Willamette University graph WL, Accepted 12/03/04 -- 12/10/05 -- --
University of Tennessee Knoxville graph Rejected 11/25/04 -- 12/02/04 -- --
University of Nevada Las Vegas graph Rejected 11/25/04 -- 12/06/04 -- --
University of Nebraska Lincoln graph Rejected 11/25/04 -- 12/02/04 01/10/05 --
1 University of Missouri Kansas City graph Waitlisted 11/25/04 -- 12/03/04 02/10/05 --
University of Kansas graph Rejected 11/25/04 -- 12/02/04 01/15/04 --
University of Idaho graph Rejected 02/28/05 -- 03/14/05 -- --
2 Marquette University graph Waitlisted 11/25/04 -- 12/02/04 04/26/05 --
Lewis and Clark College graph Rejected 11/25/04 -- 12/03/04 01/20/05 --
Hofstra University graph Rejected 12/20/04 -- 12/29/04 02/25/05 --
George Mason University graph Rejected 12/01/04 -- 12/08/04 03/19/05 --
3 Creighton University graph Waitlisted 11/25/04 -- 12/02/04 -- --
7 California Western School of Law graph Waitlisted 11/25/04 -- 12/02/04 02/24/05 --

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two year mission to Peru
Boy Scouts of America Volunteer
Three year managment level position in college


$$$ from tulsa
Got a letter from Marquette saying that my application was placed on "Hold."
I called up Creighton today and was told that they have put my application in the "on Hold" list. Hopefully either Marquette or Creighton accept me that would be great!
Finally heard from Marquette, they put me on the waitlist. still hopeful.
I officially heard from Creighton and they put me on the wait list. So now I am going to be trying to show UMKC, Creighton and Marquette how much I want to attend, and hopefully one of the three accept me. If not then South Dakota, here I come...

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  • Marquette letter

it means that you're not good enough to get in on first review so they've put your application on hold to compare against a larger pool of applicant for the spots that remain...and maybe if you're better than others that are on hold, and there is a spot left they might let you in sometime in April after first seat deposits come back and they see where they are's basically a deferrment

- yo...
  • Idaho?

Still nothing form UI?

- juju
  • Idaho and Marquette

Thanks for the info about the Marquette letter. I am hoping that they still have a spot for me come April. I still haven't heard anything from UI. However, I sent my application out pretty late.

- sdk7
  • Marquette

hey man, sorry about the waitlist but my girlfriend got off it last year so there is hope. Just keep writing letters telling them you're still interested and how much you wanna be there and keep the transcripts updated and hopefully something good will come of it, just keep reminding them how much you wanna be there. Good luck, Killa

- killakanoski
  • what happened
  • Tuesday, November 15 2005 at 12:40 PM

I was just wondering what happened to marquette, willamette, creighton etc...

- rick stauffer

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