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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of The District of Columbia PT graph Accepted W 01/01/20 01/01/20 01/02/20 03/02/20 10 days
Thomas M Cooley Law School PT graph Accepted W $24,750 01/27/20 01/29/20 01/31/20 02/12/20 10 days
Florida A&M University PT graph Accepted W 01/27/20 -- -- 03/20/20 10 days
John Marshall Law School - Atlanta PT graph Accepted W $24,000 12/30/19 12/30/19 01/02/20 01/13/20 10 days
The University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth PT graph Accepted W 12/28/19 12/30/19 12/30/19 02/04/20 10 days
Pace University PT graph Waitlisted 12/28/19 12/30/19 12/30/19 02/28/20 1 month
Touro College PT graph Accepted $36,000 12/28/19 12/30/19 12/30/19 02/05/20 1 month
Hofstra University PT graph Rejected 12/28/19 12/30/19 12/30/19 02/04/20 1 month
Western New England College School of Law PT graph Accepted $68,000 01/27/20 01/27/20 01/28/20 02/04/20 2 months
Howard University PT graph Waitlisted 01/03/20 01/03/20 01/05/20 01/29/20 2 months

Applicant Information

Criminal Justice
N/A out of N/A

Demographic Information

New Jersey
10+ Years

Extra Curricular Information

Years of work experience in the legal field and law enforcement at the state level
Masters degree in Justice Studies
Well traveled over 37 countries (was highlighted in my personal statement)



John Marshall ATL--- application and decision process took approximately 2 weeks. Notified via status checker and then received an email with acceptance and scholarship offer 2 days later.

UMass---- took a littler over a month for a decision after my application was updated to complete. Updated via status tracker and then received an email and phone call 2 days after. No information on scholarship, I'm waiting for my packet in the mail. Will update scholarship info when received.

Western New England----- I was also admitted to this school on the same day as UMass. I received an email and then a telephone call with information about scholarship and a packet in the mail 4 days later.

Howard----- responded in less than a month, I saw the waitlist status on the app tracker first and then received an email 3 days later detailing the process moving forward.

Hofstra---- seems like I was waiting forever!!!!!! saw the rejection on the status tracker, then received a letter in the mail.

Touro------I was beginning to get nervous lol. I was on my way to work and I received a call around 5:30pm and it was the admissions office. The person on the phone said and I quote, "your file came back and everything looks good" she asked if I wanted to be in the day or evening program and inquired about my work status and if it would remain the same during enrollment. I said yes and she placed me in the night program. I got off the phone very did I get in????? I guess I've been accepted!!! super excited I checked the tracker and there it was, I was admitted..yayyy....1 week later I received my packet with scholarship information.

Western Michigan Cooley Law - - - - just received my acceptance email, I checked the tracker and the decision date is 02/12/2020 so they notify you 1 day after making the decision. No scholarship info within the email, will have to wait to receive that info in the mail. I will post an update once I receive my packet.

PACE LAW--------Wait-list email from Pace Law which also included a request asking if I was still interested and if so to write a quick note about why Pace would be a good fit for me. Also inquired about the status of my other law school applications.

UDC---------Accepted to UDC notified via the status tracker. Still waiting for official notification via email and or snail mail. will update scholarship info if provided.
Please note that UDC sends everything in multiple emails. You will get your student portal login before you receive your admissions letter. Just be patient and keep an eye on your inbox.


Got email of acceptance waiting for snail mail package with other info.
Good Luck everyone!!!!

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