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Application Information

F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
1 Fordham University graph Waitlisted 02/04/05 02/07/05 02/11/05 03/18/05 --
11 University of Denver graph Accepted 02/14/05 02/28/05 03/08/05 04/11/05 --
5 St. John's University graph Accepted 03/21/05 03/29/05 04/15/05 04/21/05 --
13 New York Law School graph Accepted 02/06/05 02/15/05 03/02/05 03/11/05 --
7 Chicago-Kent College of Law (IIT) graph Accepted 02/07/05 02/22/05 03/07/05 04/07/05 --
8 University of San Diego graph Waitlisted 02/07/05 02/14/05 03/02/05 04/27/05 --
14 Michigan State College of Law graph Accepted 02/21/05 02/28/05 03/02/05 03/18/05 --
12 Southwestern University School of Law graph Accepted 02/04/05 02/14/05 02/19/05 03/15/05 --
6 Seton Hall University graph Accepted 02/03/05 02/17/05 03/02/05 03/30/05 --
15 Thomas Jefferson School of Law graph Rejected 02/03/05 02/14/05 03/07/05 07/05/05 --
2 Cardozo-Yeshiva University graph Accepted A 02/10/05 02/28/05 03/08/05 04/22/05 --
9 University of the Pacific graph Accepted 02/05/05 02/08/05 02/15/05 03/02/05 --
16 Thomas M Cooley Law School graph Accepted 02/03/05 02/16/05 03/02/05 04/20/05 --
10 University of San Francisco graph Waitlisted 02/07/05 02/08/05 03/02/05 04/20/05 --
4 Rutgers State University Newark graph Accepted 02/10/05 02/17/05 02/28/05 03/18/05 --
3 Loyola Law School graph Waitlisted 03/30/05 04/27/05 05/03/05 05/10/05 --

Applicant Information

Canadian University

Demographic Information

East Indian

Extra Curricular Information

Canadian, Non-URM.
Grade Addendum - Business owner (home builder) during undergrad.
PS - commented on poor grades/ why law
LOR - Academic, WE, Volunteer
Sent - online transmission/mailing date
Recieved - lsac report request date
Complete - email recieved/postmark date/phone verification
I ranked the schools as if cost was not relevant
Applied to some schools PT, but ammended all my apps to FT b/c I wont be able to get a visa as a PT student
USD, USF, and Loyala were post-deadline applications
Negotiated successfully for more $$ from Pacific, St. John's, and Cardozo; unsucessfully from Kent; refused to entertain the notion: Rutgers, NYLS, SW, MSU


Pacific -- $12k/year, 1st year books -- priority courier -- DEPOSIT -- WITHDRAWN;

New York Law School -- $0 -- snail mail -- WITHDRAWN;

Southwestern -- $0 -- snail mail -- WITHDRAWN;

Michigan State -- 25% Tuition, free laptop -- snail mail -- WITHDRAWN;

Seton Hall -- $24k/year -- phone call, letter to follow -- DEPOSIT -- WITHDRAWN;

Rutgers Newark -- $0 -- snail mail -- WITHDRAWN;

Chicago-Kent -- $5k -- prelimanary email, letter to follow -- WITHDRAWN;

Denver -- $0 -- snail mail -- WITHDRAWN;

Cardozo -- $15k/year, $6k loans -- phone call, letter to follow -- DEPOSIT;

Cooley -- 100% tuition -- snail mail -- WITHDRAWN;

St. Johns -- $10k/yr -- snail mail -- WITHDRAWN;

Visitor Comments

  • WTF?

when you going to get your arse in gear and submit apps?

- greeneggs
  • splits club

Sones, you are welcome to join splits-anonymous, initiation is at dawn tomorrow. You will need to bring a penguin-- preferably live, and one that you do not like very much. Personally I suggest bringing a Rockhopper, as they tend to be more aerodynamic which can be totally key to the success of your initiation. We meet at dawn at the NYU stadium (NYU because they are known for being LSAT whores) and one of the older and respected members will hold the penguin for you. You will then kick the penguin over the field goal. If you manage to accomplish this feat you will be regaled as one of greatest LSAT splitters of all time, and we will set you up on a blind-date with a hot harvard law student. /penguins are awesome

- power
  • splits club

NYU has a stadium? Must be hidden in the KMart on 8th st.

- moskvich78
  • nice

I'm in the same boat - 169 and 2.49 - and it seems like four years of college is required only in theory to get into law school. You probably could have applied higher safely; I'm getting into all the top tier twos (some with $$), and tier ones have been sending me fee waivers (whatever that's worth). Anyway, good to see another (ugpa) slacker.

- splits2
  • splits2

always nice to see another splitter... do u have a lsn profile?

- sones
  • nice

No prof... i'm lazy, but i'll maybe set one up this weekend. Anyway congrats on the acceptances so far what's your top choice? I might end up at Rutgers, hard to pass up the law price...

- nice
  • Re: nice

On the acceptances so far, they rank like this: 1) Seton Hall - the $ totally makes the deal; relative rank among acceptances is good; NYC factor 2) Pacific - Won't be too much more money than SH , considering living exp; jumping a tier helps the cause, and word is the school is on the rise; and the weather is a huge plus 3) Rutgers - Highest ranked acceptance so far; NYC factor; lowest tuition 4) Southwestern - LA factor, but too much to pay for a T3 5) NYLS - the NY version of SW 6) MSU - jumping a tier helps, but not enough $ to make me forget she was a T4 last year

- sones
  • Seton Hall

SHU seems like it to me, especially since they gave me a scholarship, and I can only afford one deposit. I am gonna hold out a few more days for American, who unfortunatly seem to have stuck their thumbs up their asses

- dirtisocks
  • Nice work

Good to see another splitter who sent his apps out late... wonder how the splits got there in the first place. Just kidding. Good work so far and best of luck with the remaining schools!

- ASNetlenov
  • greeneggs

you da man sones, we shall def hook up if you wind up in DC or NYC/NJ... best of luck

- nate
  • Final Destination

I think I will go to Wash U unless William & Mary takes me from the waiting list. What are you thinking at this point? I am guessing that you are waiting to hear from the rest of the 16 schools. (And I thought applying to 12 was a bit ridiculous.)

- ASNetlenov
  • re: final Destination

Its probably going to be Seton Hall. With the exception of Fordham, I dont believe any acceptance would change my mind. I think getting a nearly a full ride from a lower tier 2 would suit me better than paying close to full tuiton at higher tier 2. Any opinions?

- sones
  • split city!

we are all over the place aren't we?

- reindeers
  • what to do

so i'm in the same position, I'm looking between SHU, Rutgers Camden, and Indiana University- Bloomington. Got scholarships to all (sent out my app to IU about 2 weeks ago, so I'm amazed to be in with $$). I'm also riding on luck of a high lsat and low as hell gpa. Anyway, any thoughts on IU? it's tier one (#36). But i don't know; what do you guys think. I'd like to practice in the northeast, not too sure of IU's connects there. In response to your question about SHU, i think a full ride is a major advantage. If you're saving anywhere over 5,000 a year by going to SHU it's worth it. As long as you're in the top of your class you'll go anywhere you want. Check out all the top firms in NY, NJ, and PA (from's top firms). All of them have Seton Hall grads. Appreciate any help you guys can throw me.

- nice
  • cardozo

Congrats on all your offers! Please let Cardozo know if you aren't going there so others on the waitlist might have a shot. Again, good luck in law school!

- s.a.
  • Re: Nice and IU

Since I couldn't find a profile for "nice", I figured I'd respond to the posting. IU is an excellent school. I personally visited the school and loved it. It's NOT competitive, the students are friendly, the faculty is great and Dean Long is marvelous. I WISH I could get in there. They said my decision letter was in the mail, but I don't think it was favorable. I think if it was, they would have been friendlier on the phone about it. Anyway, the school is great and you can pretty much go anywhere with a degree from IU. I'd advise IU over other schools.

- Rachelle
  • IU & Nice

Honestly, I dont know shit about IU and how well it travels. Like you though , I'd like to practice in the NE (NYC) and I think I'd be better off in a regional tier 2 than a distant lower tier 1. I havent done any research to back up my opinion but thats just what my gut tells me.

- sones
  • Current rank of Acceptances

1) Cardozo 2) Seton Hall

- sones
  • what the hell?

didnt expect to get dinged by tjsl.. f*ck them too!

- sones

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