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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
5 Vermont Law School graph Accepted 04/02/20 04/02/20 -- 05/19/20 4 months
Capital University graph Accepted 03/25/20 03/25/20 -- 04/03/20 4 months
St. Thomas University - Florida graph Accepted 03/31/20 -- -- 04/07/20 4 months
Roger Williams University graph Accepted 03/30/20 -- -- 04/21/20 4 months
Elon Law School graph Accepted 03/25/20 -- -- 04/24/20 4 months
The University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth graph Accepted 03/30/20 -- -- 05/04/20 5 months
Charleston School of Law graph Waitlisted 03/24/20 03/24/20 -- 04/20/20 5 months
6 Suffolk University graph Waitlisted 03/29/20 -- -- 04/17/20 5 months
2 Loyola University New Orleans graph Accepted 03/29/20 -- -- 04/17/20 5 months
4 Hamline University graph Pending 03/30/20 -- -- -- 5 months
1 University of Hawaii graph Pending 04/01/20 -- -- -- 5 months
South Texas College of Law graph Rejected 03/13/20 -- -- 04/15/20 5 months
New England School of Law graph Waitlisted 03/13/20 -- 03/13/20 03/27/20 6 months
John Marshall Law School - Chicago graph Pending 03/13/20 -- -- -- 6 months

Applicant Information

N/A out of N/A

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boca raton

Extra Curricular Information

ULJ, Phi Alpha Delta, Marianas study abroad, Full time employee and student all of college, Sigma Tau, Degree thesis honors candidate



I retook the LSAT this feburary, scores drop march 17th. I Have a good feeling!!!!

Lets obtain the grain people, good luck to all!

April 5th UPDATE:
First off, screw my good feeling on that last LSAT, I scored the SAME!!!

Got my first acceptance from Capital!! WOOHOO! I missed the admissions call because of the Hawai'i time difference but the voicemail was just as exhilarating lmao.

I ended up deciding to 'carpe diem' in light of all the coronavirus stuff and submitted a ton of apps, I think 17 to date. Might mess around and do more. I'm really killing this application process. Unfortunately, for my first 4 apps I submitted (New england law, FAMU, John Marshall, and south texas) I accidentally said a line in my personal statement that made me sound insane, so those are probably down the tubes, but IN AT CAPITAL!! Hopefully more to come! Tomorrow is monday morning so fingers crossed!

4/8 Update:
Accepted at St. Thomas but very non-personally, only through email and the scholly was non-renewable unless you end up in the top 20% of the class. Definitely no longer a contender.

4/15 Update:
Rejected from Dayton this weekend which was so random because I was above both 50th percentiles, soooo i guess I just submitted too late, but who cares, its dayton... not a top contender.

Today I was rejected from South Texas but that was expected because I am far below their lsat 50th and they were apart of the first 4 schools I applied to (where i submitted a personal statement that made me sound insane). Still holding on for the waves of the next two days!! come on top 5!!!!

4/17 UPDATE!!!!
-rejected from NOVA
-Top of the waitlist at Suffolk
-IN AT LOYOLA NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!KLJAHEFSLUBFGKJSHVGU found out because of the reddit thread, someone got notified via status checker, so I checked mine too... AND IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY MF TOLEDO. WOW. wow. wow. thank u wave gods. i am forever indebted.

5/4 update:
Hey all you cool cats and kittens, hope your ad cycle has been or will be a breeze! As you can see my stats were far from stellar, but I had the longest list of T2-T4 softs, the best LOR's, and personal statement. I would like to think it's the ladder that offered me such a great ad cycle but who knows. Anyway, whatever the reason, this was a roller coaster...from thinking I might end up in Ohio, to miami, to all over the place, I was shook to be accepted by Loyola NOLA and after that I didn't really care much about anything else. Still holding out very small hope for UH but I am honestly already v pumped for NOLA soooo, yeehaw kooks its mardi gras time.


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  • Friday, March 13 2020 at 03:14 AM

waiting for my score on the 17th as well. good luck to you!!

- inlovewithlaw374
  • New England and Roger Williams
  • Tuesday, April 21 2020 at 01:22 PM

Did you hear back from New England or Roger Williams yet?

- mm2333
  • haha
  • Monday, June 15 2020 at 09:41 PM

I *heart* this profile!!!

- Pi0314
  • Thursday, July 30 2020 at 09:26 AM

Did you hear back from John Marshall?

- bigkahuna37

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