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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Syracuse University F graph Rejected 04/30/19 04/30/19 04/30/19 05/23/19 4 months
Chicago-Kent College of Law (IIT) F graph Waitlisted 04/29/19 04/29/19 05/01/19 -- 4 months
Cleveland State University F graph Rejected 04/29/19 04/29/19 05/01/19 -- 4 months
Seattle University F graph Rejected 04/29/19 04/29/19 04/30/19 05/28/19 5 months
The University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth F graph Accepted $10,000 04/19/19 04/19/19 04/19/19 05/20/19 5 months
Loyola University Chicago F graph Rejected 04/30/19 04/30/19 05/01/19 05/17/19 5 months
University of Cincinnati F graph Rejected 04/29/19 04/29/19 05/01/19 05/09/19 5 months
2 Georgia State University F graph Rejected 04/19/19 04/19/19 04/19/19 05/03/19 6 months
New England School of Law F graph Accepted W $15,000 04/25/19 04/25/19 04/25/19 04/29/19 6 months
Western New England College School of Law F graph Accepted W $29,000 04/19/19 04/19/19 04/19/19 04/29/19 6 months
3 Mercer University F graph Accepted 04/25/19 04/25/19 04/26/19 05/03/19 6 months
1 University of Georgia F graph Waitlisted 05/03/19 05/02/19 05/03/19 05/09/19 6 months

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Georgia State University
Biological Sciences
N/A out of N/A

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4/29/19 - Got accepted into both Western New England and New England Law today. I was offered a scholarship for both. Deadline to hold my seat is May 15. Hoping to get some responses from other schools so that I have options before May 15!

5/3/19 - Got rejected to GSU Law today. I kind of expected it, but it is still a bummer. I am debating on whether I should send a letter of appeal just to try, but I don't know if that's appropriate.

5/3/19 - Got accepted to Mercer Law a few hours after getting rejected to GSU. I am excited because I will probably attend Mercer. I also applied to UGA for kicks and giggles.

5/7/19 - It probably won't do me much good but I sent in a letter to the dean at GSU to appeal the admission committee's decision today. GSU is my first pick due to convenience of location and cost.

5/9/19 - I got waitlisted at UGA this morning! I know it is not an acceptance, but nonetheless, I am very excited that I did not get rejected! I am going to call them today and see if I can submit any materials to help up my chances of getting in.

5/9/19 - I withdrew my application from both New England Law and Western New England. I hope it makes someone else's day soon!

5/10/19 - I forgot to mention that I sent out a request for a scholarship to Mercer University yesterday. Also, I submitted my LOCI and an extra recommendation letter to UGA today. I hope I hear good news soon. I am happy to attend Mercer but would really like to go to UGA. I am way below stats so I am surprised to even be waitlisted. I want to go to UGA so bad. SO SO BAD! Wish me luck!

5/16/19 - Rejected from University of Cincinnati today, but I am not upset by this. Actually, I am not even sure why I applied because I never would have wanted to move there. I guess when you're applying, you just want to apply to as many schools as possible in case you don't get accepted anywhere. Thats what I did with Univ of Cincinnati. Still waiting on UGA!!!

5/20/29 - I paid my deposit to Mercer! And got accepted to UMass, but still waiting on UGA!

Visitor Comments

  • Monday, May 20 2019 at 09:18 PM

Congrats on the acceptance and scholarships! Do you know where you want to go?

- Lady_Sansa
  • Tuesday, May 21 2019 at 09:48 AM

Thank you! I already submit my deposit to Mercer but am hoping to get off the waitlist and go to UGA!

- whatsupjasmine
  • Best of luck with UGA!
  • Thursday, May 23 2019 at 09:58 PM

I loved reading your updates!!! LOL

- Lady_Sansa
  • Tuesday, May 28 2019 at 10:23 AM

Thanks Lady_Sansa! Best of luck with all of your apps! :)

- whatsupjasmine

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