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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Texas A&M University School of Law F graph Pending W -- -- -- -- 4 years
University of Florida F graph Pending W -- -- -- -- 4 years
University of Tulsa F graph Accepted W $39,000 10/25/16 -- -- 11/08/16 4 years
University of Oklahoma F graph Accepted W $36,000 10/25/16 -- -- 11/08/16 4 years
Texas Tech University graph Accepted W $37,500 -- -- -- 12/01/16 4 years
Baylor University F graph Accepted A $81,000 -- -- -- 12/01/16 4 years
University of Houston F graph Accepted W ED $15,000 -- -- -- -- 4 years

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Tulsa 11/8/16: Scholly and acceptance by email same day (acceptance on tracker). Stips are good standing (2.0 gpa) and some flexibility to apply money to summer school or study abroad.
Scholly is total for 3 years.
Pretty impressed with school, speed of decision, overall communication, and the programs/clinics.

They also called and were super nice on phone!

*Note their tuition dropped by $10k/yr this year ($35k to $24k) so this is equivalent to a $69k scholarship in past cycles in my estimation.

OU Law, Norman OK :11/8/2016 accepted by phone, email to follow and mail to follow. Scholly comittee next week. Also super nice people. OU has no status tracker online but they did a great job in keeping me updated and getting a decision in fast.

This cycle is going to have some hard choices (but that is a good thing!).

11/18 OU's scholarship is a $30,000 non-resident tuition waiver and that $30k disappears if I become a resident (I simply pay instate tuition). The remaining $6K ($2k per year) is merit based (no word on stips). OU's tuition + fees is only $19k/yr for instate, so already super cheap. They also give you an ipad loaded with research tools and I think E&E/Hornbooks but can't recall.

11/29 Baylor said decision letter was mailed. I was able to log into the seat deposit page so I likely got in!

12/1 Accepted by Texas Tech Law! I missed the phone call but scholly is 12,500/yr. Stip is to be in top 50% of class (Only lose $2,500/yr if I fall below, $10k/yr guaranteed). Very excited!

12/1 Got Baylor packet today. In with $81,000 over 3 years! Feb start date (Spring Quarter), stips are 2.75 gpa (means I need to avoid being in bottom 25% of class).

Visitor Comments

  • UF Update
  • Wednesday, November 16 2016 at 06:34 PM

11/16/2016 UF put me in comparative review today.

- wishywashy
  • Tulsa
  • Friday, November 18 2016 at 10:36 PM

First off, congratulation on your acceptances! I was wondering if you had gotten an interview request from Tulsa?

- tlremington13
  • re: Tulsa
  • Thursday, November 24 2016 at 01:57 AM

Sorry it took me so long to see your question. Yes I got an interview request, they started doing this a year or two ago I think. It was very laid back. Grats on all your acceptances so far and good luck on the rest of the cycle!

- wishywashy
  • Tulsa Interview
  • Wednesday, November 30 2016 at 01:05 AM

Any tips on what to expect for the Tulsa interview??

- luna2177
  • TU Interview
  • Wednesday, November 30 2016 at 05:09 AM

It is very laid back, they mostly want to know about why you chose TU (you have family in the area, friends, business contacts, just like the program, etc). They also seemed to be trying to get a sense of you as a person (social skills, well spoken, confidant, 'people person', etc). I would just be yourself and stay calm. They already want to admit you and I think the interview is just a sanity check. The interview is also about them getting a chance to tell you in person or over the phone about how great TU is (remember they have limited seats and must choose people who fit their requirements AND are likely to actually attend). I hope that makes sense, again it was very informal. Good luck!

- wishywashy
  • TU
  • Friday, December 02 2016 at 04:15 PM

Thanks so much for the info! It's incredibly helpful. I'm taking the trip to Tulsa to visit/interview on 12/12 so I'm excited. How long after your interview did it take to receive acceptance?

- luna2177
  • TU acceptance
  • Friday, December 02 2016 at 07:04 PM

It was very soon after, within a day or two. They send a great acceptance email and all the scholarship info is in an attachment. No waiting on snail mail to find out. Really nice people and Tulsa is a great town. Good luck on your interview!

- wishywashy
  • Baylor Scholarship
  • Monday, May 01 2017 at 06:08 PM

Do you have any insight into what made Baylor offer such a large scholarship? You seemed to have done well with all your scholarship offers. Any tips would be appreciated. Congratulations!

- joshuatyi

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