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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
University of Tennessee Knoxville F graph Accepted $1 09/29/18 -- -- 12/06/18 25 days
Vanderbilt University F graph Waitlisted W 09/29/18 -- -- 03/19/19 4 months
Washington University in St Louis F graph Accepted W $96,000 09/29/18 -- -- 12/12/18 4 months
Emory University F graph Accepted W $66,000 09/29/18 -- -- 01/26/19 5 months
University of Cincinnati F graph Accepted W $1 02/20/19 02/21/19 -- 03/14/19 5 months
Belmont University College of Law F graph Accepted W $1 09/11/18 -- -- 09/14/18 5 months
University of Louisville F graph Accepted W $1 10/01/18 -- -- 12/03/18 5 months
University of Kentucky F graph Accepted W $25,500 09/29/18 -- -- 12/12/18 5 months
University of Alabama F graph Waitlisted W 01/31/19 -- -- 02/22/19 5 months
University of Maryland F graph Waitlisted W 02/20/19 02/22/19 -- 03/19/19 5 months
University of Georgia F graph Waitlisted W 01/30/19 01/30/19 -- 03/11/19 5 months
Washington and Lee University F graph Waitlisted W 01/31/19 -- -- 03/01/19 5 months
Arizona State University F graph Waitlisted W 01/30/19 -- 01/30/19 02/13/19 6 months

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legal work experience


I am headed to UT Knoxville!

Accepted to Belmont via email with full tuition scholarship

WashU Skype interview in October. Accepted in December via phone call and email. Scholar in Law award came via email the next day.

University of Louisville accepted me in December via phone call. $18,000/yr scholarship awarded at the same time. I requested a reconsideration in late March, and the committee increased my award to full tuition on 3/25

University of Tennessee accepted me in December. Scholarship was issued in February via email. $17,500/yr and in-state residency. Requested reconsideration in late March and was offered Tennessee Law Scholars award the next day. Full tuition paid, stipend, health insurance paid.

University of Kentucky accepted me in mid-December. $8,500/yr scholarship awarded several weeks later via mail. I requested a reconsideration on 2/6 and was told that any increases would occur before April 1st. As of 3/25, I had not received an increase.

Accepted to Emory in late January via mail. Scholarship came with acceptance.

Vanderbilt interview in October. Submitted a LOCI in February. Waitlisted in March.

Accepted to Cincinnati in March via email. Full tuition Taft Scholars offer came a week later via regular mail

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