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F - Fee Waiver, A - Attending, W - Withdrawn, D - Deferred
# Law School Status Type $$$ Sent Received Complete Decision Updated
Florida State University graph Accepted 01/18/17 -- -- -- 15 hours
1 Penn State University (Dickinson) F graph Accepted $77,187 01/18/17 -- -- 01/26/17 2 days
3 University of Wisconsin Madison F graph Accepted $1 01/19/17 -- -- 03/15/17 2 days
4 West Virginia University F graph Accepted $61,144 01/09/17 -- -- 01/18/17 2 days
5 University of Arkansas Fayetteville graph Accepted $113,670 12/17/16 -- 12/19/16 01/18/17 2 days
6 University of Nebraska Lincoln F graph WL, Accepted $121,440 01/19/17 -- -- 01/25/17 2 days
7 Indiana University Bloomington F graph Accepted $147,795 01/23/17 -- -- 02/24/17 2 days
8 University of Toledo graph Accepted $73,727 01/08/17 01/11/17 -- 01/17/17 2 days
9 University of Akron graph Accepted $71,634 12/18/16 -- 12/19/16 12/21/16 2 days
Stetson University F graph Accepted $42,000 01/09/17 -- 01/18/17 01/24/17 4 days
Syracuse University F graph Accepted $105,000 01/08/17 -- -- 01/17/17 4 days
Cardozo-Yeshiva University F graph Accepted $132,000 01/17/17 -- -- -- 4 days
University of Cincinnati F graph Accepted $30,000 01/15/17 -- -- 02/17/17 4 days
University of Kentucky F graph Waitlisted 03/01/17 -- -- 03/15/17 10 days
Duquesne University graph Accepted $84,000 01/07/17 -- -- -- 22 days
Florida International University F graph Accepted $23,183 01/08/17 -- -- 01/21/17 28 days
University of Missouri Columbia F graph Waitlisted 02/06/17 -- -- 02/21/17 1 month
Hofstra University graph Accepted $40,000 01/17/17 -- -- 02/09/17 1 month
University of Tennessee Knoxville F graph Waitlisted 01/22/17 -- -- 02/13/17 1 month
Temple University F graph Accepted 01/12/17 -- -- 02/13/17 1 month
Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law graph Accepted 01/09/17 -- -- 02/03/17 1 month
Marquette University graph Accepted 01/09/17 -- -- 01/30/17 1 month
University of Miami graph Waitlisted 01/23/17 -- -- 01/30/17 1 month
Samford University graph Accepted $37,328 01/10/17 -- -- 01/30/17 1 month
Wayne State University graph Waitlisted 01/07/17 -- -- 01/25/17 1 month
Drexel University graph Accepted $43,500 01/12/17 -- -- 01/20/17 2 months
Michigan State College of Law F graph Pending 01/19/17 -- -- -- 2 months
University of Florida F graph Pending 01/15/17 -- -- -- 2 months
Loyola University Chicago F graph Accepted $60,000 01/09/17 -- -- 01/13/17 2 months

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Top 9: I changed the "$$$" section* to my total three year projected costs (factoring in scholarship money and cost of living) instead of the school's scholarship offer. I used the ABA 509 information for tuition and cost of living. Multiplied their reported cost of living by 1.33 to account for the fact that schools report 9 month living expenses.

PSU (University Park) is one of my top choices as well but they aren't available on here for some reason.

Any school not in my top 9 I put the actual scholarship amount in the "$$$" section. Amount is for 1 year if the scholarship came with a GPA stipulation, and for 3 years if the only stip was to remain in good academic standing.

*excluding Wisconsin

3/22/17: Phone call from Nebraska. Accepted off the waitlist with a 50% tuition and fees scholarship. Not sure about stips but I would assume there are some having looked at their 509 reports.

3/19/17: Admitted Students Day at Penn State (UP). Also really enjoyed it. I've got a tough decision to make. This one was interesting because I got a chance to speak with the new Dean, Hari Osofsky, for about 20 minutes at lunch. Obviously, extremely bright woman. She went to Yale. Unlike me, she seemed very focused on the school's ranking. I got to hear some pretty cool insider info on how those rankings are equated by USNews and what she wants to do to improve Penn State's standing.
I'm also going to get to speak with Interim Dean, James Houck Navy JAG Ret. I'm really interested in applying for JAG. It's super competitive though, so we'll see.

3/17/17: Visit to Penn State Dickinson for Admitted Students Day. Really enjoyed it. Got to speak with a ton of students and a few faculty members. FWIW, it seemed a little more laid back amongst the students. I'm sure that there are some gunners, but some guys invited me out to the bar with them the night of Admitted Students Day and genuinely seemed to care about people coming to the school. These weren't the hand picked student panel kids either.

3/15/17: Accepted to Wisconsin via email. They requested that I keep scholarship details confidential. Waitlisted at Kentucky.

3/3/17: Duquesne offered $28,000 per year (remain in good academic standing).

3/2/17: Michigan State requested that I submit a video interview in which I respond to a few questions they presented. "What experiences have influenced you..." blah blah blah. MSU is considering me for a $10,000 scholarship. I wasn't all that excited about MSU anyway and I don't want to do an interview in hopes of being admitted. It's weird to me that they haven't even committed to accepting me and they're trying to lure me with a relatively small scholarship in comparison to others I've received from similarly ranked schools. Looks like I'll go 0/2 in my home state.

2/24/17: Accepted via email to Indiana. Kind of surprised I got in. Very surprised they offered me any money. $25,000 per year. Remain in good standing (2.3).

2/21/17: Received envelopes from Cincinnati, Hofstra, and Temple. Cincinnati offered $10,000 a year (maintain 2.0).

2/16/17: Package from Duquesne. Cup, sticker pen notepad etc along with some school info.

Accepted to Hofstra via email. Offered $40,000 per year. Contained a link to their scholarship requirements and info. They have a sort of sliding scale of how much of your scholarship you could potentially retain or lose depending on your class ranking. Long story short, remain in the top 50% to maintain the entire scholarship.

2/13/17: Accepted to Temple via email. Waitlisted at Tennessee (also email).

Syracuse changed their stipulation to simply remain in good academic standing (email). I spoke with them on the phone earlier and they mentioned they would probably be make this change, but it's nice to get it in writing.

2/11/17: Packet from Cardozo. 44,000 dollars per year. Only stip is to remain in good academic standing.

2/9/17: Penn State Dickinson increased their offer via email to full tuition plus a small stipend ($2,000 a year). Pretty excited about it. I like what I've heard from interim Dean Gildin in his interviews about graduating practice ready attorneys.

2/4/17: Received packets relaying same information from Marquette, Cumberland and Penn State Dickinson. Cumberland scholarship stipulation requires maintaining a 2.5 GPA.

1/31/17: Letters from Marquette and Nebraska relating same information from status checker.

1/30/17: Accepted via email to Marquette.

Waitlisted at Miami.

Received a voicemail from Cumberland informing me that I have been accepted and granted a full tuition scholarship.

1/27/17: Received package from Syracuse relaying same information as earlier phone call.

Package from West Virginia. It had been delivered to the wrong address. Contained scholarship information. Full tuition scholarship with stipulation that I remain in good academic standing (2.3).

Accepted to Penn State-University Park via email. Offered $36,000 per year.

1/26/17: Accepted to Penn State Dickinson via email. Offered $40,000 per year (remain in good academic standing).

1/25/17: Deferred by Wayne State via status checker.

1/24/17: Admitted to Stetson via status checker. $14,000 Merit Based Scholarship renewable each year. I received an email later that day relating the same information and letting me know the stipulation for the scholarship (2.25 GPA). Stetson was my first choice, but now I'll have to reconsider. Including the scholarship, I would still be paying around $27,400 for tuition each year. Plus fees and living expenses.

1/21/17: Received acceptance letter with scholarship info from Toledo. Full tuition scholarship. Only stip is to remain in good academic standing (2.0).

Received a package from FIU. 65% tuition scholarship. Stipulation: remain in the top 50% of the class or a 2.7 GPA.

1/20/17: Admitted to Drexel via email. Scholarship offer of $43,500 for first year. Renewable each year with the stipulation of maintaining a 2.95 GPA.

1/18/17: Admitted to WVU via status checker.

1/17/17: Admitted via phone call from Syracuse. Was offered 35k per academic year. Stipulation: maintain above a 2.8 GPA.

Admitted via snail mail to Arkansas. Offered $8000 first semester of 1L and $8000 second semester as long as I remain in good academic standing (2.0).

1/13/17: Admitted via email to Chicago Loyola. Offered Dean's Merit Scholarship of $20,000 per academic year. Stipulation: remain in good academic standing.

Admitted via status checker to Toledo.

12/21/16: Received a voicemail from Akron letting me know that I was accepted with a full tuition scholarship (24,214/yr). Stip: remain above 2.0. Received an email relaying the same information within a few hours.

Visitor Comments

  • Stetson
  • Monday, February 27 2017 at 01:17 PM

Did they give you another scholarship offer better than the original?

- zackn321
  • Re: Zackn321
  • Monday, February 27 2017 at 02:03 PM

No. I wish. It's easier for me to compare the schools by comparing the estimated cost than comparing scholarship offers. So I changed my $$$ section from scholarship offers to estimated three year cost (tuition minus scholarship offer plus cost of living for 3 years).

- zzanetta88
  • WHAT
  • Tuesday, March 07 2017 at 03:56 PM

How did you get a 145k scholarship to stetson when it only costs $123K to attend it all 3 yrs?.

- BrownElleWoods
  • Re: BrownEW
  • Wednesday, March 08 2017 at 11:01 AM

I didn't. Read through my additional info and above comments.

- zzanetta88

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